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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penny Auction Update

Get your best deals on the following Penny Auction websites:

  • Quibids
  • HappyBidDay
  • DealDash

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bidding Strategy: Bidding on Small and Large Penny Sites

Every penny auction player has a unique strategy when participating in penny auctions. For myself, my strategy changes depending on the size and customer base of the penny auction site. Below are some tips for penny auction winning strategies for varying auction sizes.

Strategy for winning on different penny auction sites:
Small Site:
  • If you play often enough, you might be able to know your competition on a smaller penny auction site. Get to know the strategy of your competition. Memorize your fellow bidder's screen names and bidding preferences. You will quickly learn which players are easy to beat and which players will put up a fight. You might also learn the bidders stopping point. Some bidders always stop bidding after the auction reaches a certain dollar amount or once they place a certain amount of bids. There are power bidders out there who will purchase 500 bids and not quit unless they win. These are what I like to call your gamblers. They obviously get a rush from winning and won't give up. I bid against these people, but I try not to match them. I've seen these gamblers spend 500 bids on something like a $20 DVD. It's ridiculous. However, you can also pick out the bidders that always just throw down 10 bids and then quit. If your bidding against that type of bidder, please continue and you will likely win.
 Large Site:
  •  On large penny auction sites like Quibids, it is tough to get to your competition because there are hundreds of bidders on the site at any give time. On large sites, it's best to just play smart. Make a game plan, choose 1 to 2 auctions that you would like to focus on and plan accordingly. Set a limit of either bids or auction price that you would stop bidding at. Don't let the rush of the auction control your spending. On large penny auction sites it's also best to bid during non-peak hours. The online penny auction non-peak hours are in the early morning when people are getting ready and driving to work. I've also noticed a good time to bid is around 4-6 PM when people are commuting home or eating dinner. It's not good to bid after dinner and late at night. Most bidders are on during late evening hours. I've even seen a huge peak in bidders around 1 and 2 am. 
Hope these tips help and happy bidding!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bid66 Site Closed

At the beginning of the year, the popular penny auction site temporarily closed. Bid66 has been auctioning big and small merchandise since 2009. The company temporarily closed it's site during the summer of 2011 for upgrades. The old Bid66 site auctioned large items like big screen TVs, patio sets, appliances and more. The old site had some dated images and so Bid66 closed their doors during the summer of 2011. In September 2011 reopened with a fresh new site and new business model. The online auction site no longer sold large items, but gift cards instead. Gift cards were a huge hit. Bid66 auctioned gift cards from: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Chilis, Outback Steak House, Kohls, JCPenneys, Subway, Hess gas, Cheesecake factory and more. This is a merchandise shift that I have seen in several penny auction sites. The only product that Bid66 continued to sell from their old site to their new site was bid packages. The site extended their business hours and no longer paused their auctions at night. I contacted the owner of last week and they are hopeful that they will reopen soon. The site closed in order to update some site features.  I expect in the next few weeks I will have updated news regarding the reopening of Bid66. In the mean time you can get more information from their Facebook page at:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Continued Black Friday at OrangeBidz - All Weekend

Love deals? OrangeBidz wants to help you with your Christmas shopping by extending their Black Friday deals through Cyber monday!!! All bids placed will be returned to you if you do not win. If auctions run past 11:59 PM, bids will be credited after the final auction ends (and before auctions begin on Tuesday). Even if you win an auction this weekend (through Monday), you will still receive all bids back placed on auctions you did not win.

OrangeBidz also is having a HUGE sale on bid packs. Their bid packs have never been this low! Take advantage of this steep sale and stock up on bid packs now! Below are the bid pack prices:

45% off price list
30 $22.50 - $12.38
50 $37.50 - $20.62
100 $75.00 - $41.25
200 $150.00  + 25 Bonus $82.50
300 $225.00 + 60 Bonus $123.75  
500 $375.00 + 60 Bonus $206.25
1000 $750.00 + 60 Bonus $375.00 (50% Off)

OrangeBidz' auctions open at 4:00 PM. OrangeBidz has also announced that they will be opening the option to Buy It Now in the near future.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nailbidder Will be Closed Thanksgiving Weekend

The penny auction site, will be closed Thanksgiving weekend: Wednesday Nov. 23rd - Nov. 27th. The site will reopen on Cyber Monday November 28th. However, make sure to stop by the site on Tuesday Nov. 22nd where they will be auctioning a Amazon Kindle.
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