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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quibids Will Be Auctioning NCAA March Madness Final Four Tickets

I thought Quibids couldn't get any better but today they announced that they will be auctioning NCAA March Madness Final Four Tickets. The auction is for 2 tickets to the Final Four, including airfare and lodging. The auction starts at 12:00 CST on Saturday March 19th. With the tournament games starting today I am so excited for this auction on Quibids. 

The estimated retail value for these tickets is just about $3,500. 

Below are the March Madness auction details:
Tickets for two (2) people for the semifinals and the championship game
Round trip airfare departing from any major city to Houston, TX*
3 night stay in a hotel close the Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX**
Hotel check in April 2 at noon – check out morning of April 5
QuiBids will pay for the roundtrip airfare, 3 nights in at least a 3 star hotel as close to the stadium as possible, and 2 tickets to the semi-finals and championship games.
*QuiBids is not responsible for transportation to and from the airport or the games
**Reservations must be made within 7 days after the completion of the auction and 5 days prior to the departure date. Preferred airline, date, and airport are subject to availability. QuiBids reserves the right to use a secondary airport within 100 miles if the preferred airport is unavailable during the requested departure or arrival date. This trip cannot be traded in for cash value.

Seating Location:
Section: Zone – Club Corner Rows G-V, #329
Row: K, seats 5 and 6

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quibids Lawsuit Affecting Penny Auctions Around The World

As many of you already know, there was a class action lawsuit against Quibids in 2010. Several countries including the US have lingering worries on the legality of penny bidding sites. The Florida attorney general and other US leaders have publicly stated concern against penny auctions. However, in Europe, where most believe penny auctions started, penny bidding sites are perfectly legal. Most argue that penny bidding sites are illegal because they claim the sites are gambling sites. These worries are not in Europe where gambling law is much leaner.

The country of South Africa is voicing some major concern toward penny auctions. The country has classified penny auction sites as gambling. South Africa's biggest penny site, Smokoo is now illegal. Other major penny auction sites such as BidChaser, KoolDeals, and Viaziz are also deemed illegal. Sites like Smokoo are still live and currently running auctions. I also looked at Smokoo's Facebook page and there is no word on whether the site will close. To read more on the new laws in South Africa click here.

So what does this mean for Quibids? In my original post on the Quibids lawsuit I was very optimistic for Quibids. However, with new legislation in other countries deeming that penny auctions are gambling, it is hard to know what the future holds for Quibids. I hope that Quibids is big enough and strong enough to work through this. I also believe it will take years for legislation to affect Quibids.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quibids Badges - Review and Explanation

Earlier this year Quibids introduced a new form of customer achievement called "badge." These Quibids badges rate customers on their skill and winnings. Customers can use their badges to show off their achievements on The badges also give Quibids customers free bids. There are only a few ways to earn free bids on Quibids so I suggest you take advantage of every opportunity.

To read about winning free Quibids bids through the Quibids Facebook campaign click here.

How do you earn Quibids badges? There are multiple ways to earn badges. Typically you are given badges for completing specific activities, tasks and reaching achievements. Currently there are a total of 19 Quibids badges that bidders can earn. Each badge is associated with a free bid value. The free Quibids bids range from 15 bids to 1 bid. In total, if you earn all 19 badges you can receive 117 free bids! Below are a list of the badges currently offered.

  • Big Prize Badge: 15 free bids
  • Game Day Badge: 15 free bids
  • Bid Voucher Cycle Badge: 15 free bids
  • Paparazzi Badge: 10 free bids
  • Big Spender Badge: 10 free bids
  • Top Recruiter Badge: 10 free bids
  • Win in 1 Badge: 7 free bids
  • Birthday Badge: 7 free bids
  • Iron Man Challenge Badge: 7 free bids
  • Trifecta Voucher Challenge Badge: 5 free bids
  • Super Bidder Badge: 4 free bids
  • Rock the Bid Badge: 3 free bids
  • Scrooge Badge: 2 free bids
  • Plastic Surgery Badge: 2 free bids
  • 100th Bid Badge: 1 free bid
  • Mr. Roboto Badge: 1 free bid
  • Training Day Badge: 1 free bid
  • Beginner Badge: 1 free bid
  • More "Bid" Kombat Badge: 1 free bid
Quibids Logo - Penny Auction Logo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Penny Auction Site - CatchBids

I found a very cool brand new penny auction website via PennyAuctionCoupon tonight. The site is CatchBids. Today only Catchbids is being featured on CatchBids is selling 25 bids for only $6 on Penny Auction Coupon's discounted bid purchasing site. I checked out CatchBids for myself and it is a pretty cool penny auction site. There is no other penny bidding site that focuses on outdoor equipment. CatchBids auctions gift cards for Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, Dicks Sports and popular restaurants like Wendys, McDonalds, Burger King and Sonic. This is the site for any penny auction lover that enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, jogging and anything else in the great outdoors.

To visit CatchBids please click HERE.

To purchase bids on PennyAuction Coupon please click HERE.

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