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Saturday, February 5, 2011

BidFire Valentine's Promotion

BidFire is hosting a fun and exciting Valentines Promotion. The promotion starts now, February 5th and ends February 11th. It is a Valentines contest for all artists. All you need to do is design the best Valentines Themed BidFire logo. The winner will receive 50 free bids at!!!! The logo will be used on BidFire's Facebook page. Send all logos to  For more information visit or BidFire's Facebook page.
If you would like to read about more Penny Auction Valentines promotions specifically Quibids, please click HERE.

Friday, February 4, 2011

BidRivals is Back Online

BidRivals is back up and running, after a technical issue yesterday. BidRivals had an issue due to a change in their database updates. The site is now up and running after some tests completed by the BidRivals team. If you have any questions feel free to contact BidRivals

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quibids Lawsuit - What side are you on?

As most of you know, a class action lawsuit was filed against Quibids in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. The case is called Lawrence A. Locke vs. Quibids LLC. The lawsuit attacks Quibids website alleging that  the Quibids’s website allows consumers to buy ‘bids” for use in on-line penny auctions of brand new products with the promise of obtaining those consumer products at significant discounts from retail prices but that under the auction system set up by QuiBids, most consumers using the site purportedly will not win the majority of auctions for low ticket items on which they bid and will allegedly rarely win auctions of high ticket items and therefore given that each losing attempt to win an action costs the consumer money (because each bid costs $.60. The plaintiff claims that Quibids functions more like a gambling website than an auction website because each bid a person places is a gamble of whether or not they will actually win and receive the product. The plaintiff also claims that Quibids is a gambling website because the majority of the customers will reportedly lose money while playing on Quibids due to the amount of money they spend on bids, the price of the item, and shipping. Some also spend money on Quibid's Buy It Now feature which allows customers to use the money they spent on bids and apply it to the retail price of the item.

However, what are your thoughts? Who's side are you on? To me, Buy It Now makes Quibids less like a gambling website because you have an opportunity to buy the product whether you win or lose. Also on Quibids, their rules and terms of contract are stated right on their website. The person who is suing Quibids knew full well that he was not guaranteed to win every product he wanted for pennies. The reason people are getting such great products on Quibids for so cheap is because other people lose. Your gain is another's loss.

For more information on the Quibids lawsuit click here.
To read the Bid Penny review of Quibids click here.

ScoreLuxe Penny Auction Site General Information and Review

Below is general information and a BidPenny review on ScoreLuxe.

Click on the link below to visit

Below are the prices for as of 2/3/2011
All bids are $0.99 each 
30 bids = $29.70
50 bids = $49.50
100 bids = $99.00
250 bids = $247.50
500 bids = $495.00

Auction Features:
Below are the auction features for ScoreLuxe
-No Bots
-All products sold on ScoreLuxe are authentic and brand new


Contact Information:
Below is the contact information for ScoreLuxe
Email: Support Email

Mail: 50 Tice Blvd
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

For more penny auction contact information visit my PA Contact Info Page

Bid Penny Review:
Site: 9.4 / 10
Customer Support: 9.8 / 10
Products: 9.4 / 10

Comments: One thing I love about ScoreLuxe is that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products. If you receive a product that you are not 100% happy with you can return it to ScoreLuxe within 14 days of the purchase. However, keep in mind that bid packs are not refundable. I also gave ScoreLuxe a high rating because they have no bots on their penny auction site. ScoreLuxe is a favorite among most of my readers because it is straightforward and easy to use. To bid all you need to do is click the green bid button. The site runs smoothly and there is no lag time between your bids. I also like the larger font on the site and the red text timer when the auction is about to close. The customer support is great. I've sent ScoreLuxe several emails and have always received a quick reply. The products on ScoreLuxe are fantastic. The site focuses on big name fashion products but also has cool electronics like iPads and Amazon gift cards. One thing I would like to see is a Buy It Now option because I am a big fan of Buy It Now on penny auction sites.

If you are interested in trying out ScoreLuxe visit my Penny Auction Coupon Page for a ScoreLuxe coupon code.

What is Quibids? What is a Penny Auction?

What is Quibids? Quibids is one of the largest penny auction sites in the US. To understand Quibids you must first understand penny auctions.
I am going to first explain what a penny auction is. Most of you are familiar with a traditional auction. An auctioneer will lead the auction starting at a specified price and the person to bid the highest price on the auction wins. Penny auctions are similar to a traditional auction, where items are purchased through a bidding system. A penny auction is an online auction where bidders make bids in increments of one cent with every bid raising the price of the item by just one cent. Unlike traditional online auctions, bidders must pay for bids or bid packs. At Quibids each bid is $0.60 each and are sold in incremental bid packs. To view Quibids prices click here. Also unlike traditional auctions, penny auctions are timed. The last person to place a bid is determined the winner of the auction. The timed auction concept is very similar to the online auction model of eBay. However, unlike eBay, online penny auction sites increase the auction time with each bid placed. Penny auctions are unique to online auctions like eBay, in the price of a penny auction starts at $0.

Why shop online penny auctions like Quibids? Many people are attracted to penny auctions because of the tremendous savings they offer on brand new products. Penny auction sites offer electronics, computers, household items, gift cards, toys, tools, jewelry, event tickets and more at rates as low as 5% the retail price. It is not atypical to see people win auctions on penny auction sites for as little as one penny. Much like a traditional auction, there is a possibility of another bidder bidding on the same item that you are. However, this is the thrill of the online auction game. You can view my Quibids Strategy tips by clicking here. Many people are attracted to penny auctions for the thrill they receive during the bidding process. Penny auctions have an advantage over other auction sites like eBay because all items are brand new and from a trusted source. Quibids sells hundreds of brand new items every day including electronics, computers, tools, toys, home goods, fashion items, gift cards and more.

To read my 5 step process on how to participate in penny auctions please click here.

To contact Quibids click here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Better Products at Pointnbid

If you haven't looked at Pointnbid's online bidding site lately, you should totally take a second look. As the site ages, Pointnbid is listing some pretty awesome penny auctions. Recently they have sold Wii Fits, Amazon Gift Cards, SD cards, Wireless HeadSets, Cologne and more for just pennies. However, tomorrow they are having a great penny auction for a Wii Console bundle. The set includes: 1-Nintendo Wii game console (white), 1-Wii Remote Plus controller (white), 1-Nunchuk controller (white), the original Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, 1-wired sensor bar, 1-power cord, 1-standard composite cable, 1-console stand, 1-console manual.

To visit Pointnbid click here.
Also to read my review on Pointnbid and other penny auction site reviews click here.

How Penny Auctions Work

Playing on penny auctions is a thrilling and enjoyable experience. While on playing in penny auctions you will experience excitement for our products, the thrill of the timer and the rush of a win.  As soon as you enter our site you will see dozens of items that you may wish to bid on. So how do you play on our online auctions?

We would like to simplify the penny auction process into 5 easy steps:
1.) Register
At most online bidding sites, you must first register. Most sites have a simple and quick registration process. You can also get free bids when you register as a new user at penny auction bidding sites. Sites give you anywhere from 1 - 10 bids upon sign-up. At Bid66 you get 10 bids when you register. At Quibids you will get 3 bids when you register. Every site is different.
2.) Purchase Bids
To participate in online penny auctions you will need bids to take part in the auction(s) of your choice. Most sites offer a variety of bid packages at great prices. For penny auction bid pack pricing for multiple sites including BidFire, Quibids, BidPigsBidRivals and more please click here.
3.) Bid on Products
I recommend taking some time looking over the several auctions we have to offer. Often, there might be multiple auctions that you would like to participate in. To bid, all you need to do is click on the bid button. Clicking this button will place one bid on the auction in your name. The bid will also deduct one bid from your bid bank. Some sites have 2 cent auctions, 5 cent auctions and 10 cent auctions. For those auctions, the price will increase by 2, 5, or 10 cents instead of just one penny. After you have placed a bid on a penny auction, you can just sit back and watch the timer. If someone places a bid on the auction after you did, the time will increase. If no one else places a bid and the timer runs out you won the auction! There are several different strategies to win a penny auction. To read my blog post on How to Win on Quibids click here. Also for BidFire winning tips and strategies please click here.
4.) Purchase the Product
Most online bidding sites offer multiple purchasing options. However, in most cases you will see PayPal as a payment option. Some sites charge shipping and some ship for free. Make sure and look into the penny auction site's shipping prices before you begin bidding. Some site also offer a Buy It Now option. With Buy It Now you can apply all or a % of the bids used towards the purchase of the product at full retail price. The % of money you can apply is also dependent on the penny auction site you are on.
5.) Enjoy your winnings
Most likely if you won on the penny auction site you got a great deal. You can take advantage of that great deal by doing video, photo, or written testimonials. Almost all penny auction sites give customers free bids for sending them a testimonial.

How to Win on Quibids

If you haven't checked it out yet, I would definitely recommend the Quibids 101 section on This is a very informative FAQ section for customers or any penny auction lover. Quibids even features special Quibids strategies for winning penny auctions on their site. I think Quibids is the best penny auction site. To read my review on please click HERE.

Below is Quibid's very own strategies on how to win on Quibids.

So how do you up your chances of winning an auction?  As we have researched and examined thousands of auctions that have been conducted on QuiBids, we have learned several things that can increase a person’s chance of winning an auction.  The first main thing that we have learned is:

The QuiBids customers that win the most auctions are the ones who spend the most bids in their pursuit of winning.

Most people’s first question after learning this is, “How are they able to confidently spend so many bids?  Isn’t it possible that they will just lose all that money?”  The answer to this question is actually fairly simple and it is related to the second main thing we have learned about winning an auction.

The QuiBids' customers that have the most success are the ones that are willing to exercise the “Buy it Now” feature if they do not win the auction.

The customers who are the most successful at QuiBids are the ones who pick out products that they would be willing to pay full retail price for.  Then they bid on those items for a chance to win them far below retail price.  As a result of their willingness to go all the way they usually have a very high chance of actually winning the item.

The QuiBids customers that have the least success are the ones that have unrealistic goals and are unwilling to pay more than a small fraction of the actual retail cost of an item in bids.

Even if you are unsuccessful in winning an item, you can still apply any of the bids that you have used towards that item and still buy it for a price that is comparable to what you would pay at a local retailer.  It is a fun and risk-free way to do your holiday shopping.  However, many customers don’t ever consider using the “Buy it Now” feature.  Instead, they are interested in spending $20 trying to win a $1500 Apple Macbook.  Although it is possible for someone to win the Apple Macbook with $20 in bids, it’s highly unlikely.  This is an unrealistic expectation that certain customers have.  We encourage everyone to set a realistic expectation of how much time and financial investment is necessary to win a big ticket item.

To Recap

  • Pick out the items that you would like to purchase for yourself or give as gifts
  • Set some personal goals for how many bids and how much time you are willing to invest in an auction
  • If you fail to win the auction, exercise the Buy it Now feature and purchase the item at value price

Coupons and Promotions for Today

Two great promotions are on PAC and PAP today. 

On Penny Auction Coupon PickleBid is selling 25 bids for just $5.

On Penny Auction Promotion is offering the deal: buy 15 bids for $7 and receive 15 free. That is a total of 30 bids for just $7!!!!!!!

Huge Beezid Promotion February 9th and 10th

I received the Beezid promotional information below in my email this morning. This is a HUGE promotion. For 2 days only you will get all your bids back. It's almost as if all your bids are free. You will also receive a guaranteed savings of 75-99% of retail price. Wow, what are  you waiting for?

We’re pleased to invite you to
Beezid’s biggest promotion yet.
Get every bid you place on any auction back! Benefit from
an unbelievable 75-99% savings off retail, guaranteed!
Here’s the twist: we’re doing it for an unprecedented
48 straight hours - Feb. 9th & 10th!
Don’t miss out on all your favorite items at ridiculous prices
and at no risk to you!
Gain a few yards by topping off your account! Use bonus
code BLITZ at checkout for a double up offer on your next
bid pack purchase.

Coupon and Promotions for February 2nd

Two great promotions are on PAC and PAP today. 

On Penny Auction Coupon PickleBid is selling 25 bids for just $5.

On Penny Auction Promotion is offering the deal: buy 15 bids for $7 and receive 15 free. That is a total of 30 bids for just $7!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grand Opening of Freedom Bids Today!

Today, February 1st 2011 is the Grand Opening of FreedomBids is a new penny auction site with a patriotic American look and feel. You can join them on Facebook for promotional information and other offers. On opening day FreedomBids is auctioning:
  • Pentax Digital Camera
  • E-Pad
  • Net Book
  • Digital Binoculars
  • 50 Bid Pack
  • 100 Visa Gift Card
  • 100 Bid Pack
  • $25. Chili's Gift Card
  • $25. Shell Gas Gift Card
  • $25. AppleBees Gift Card
  • $25. Home Depot Gift Card 
  • Color E Reader

Quibids Promotion on PR Web

QuiBids is Sharing the Love with Daily Prizes

QuiBids is hosting a 'We Love Our Customers' Sweepstakes. No purchase necessary. Each day, starting February 1 continuing through February 14, QuiBids will conduct a random drawing to give away a prize. Each participant is allowed one entry per day.

We Love Our Customers
Quote startWe know our customers will be excited to participate and it’s another way for us to say thank you for their support.Quote end
Oklahoma City, OK (Vocus/PRWEB) February 01, 2011
This Valentine’s Season, QuiBids is sharing the love and giving away daily prizes equaling thousands of dollars. Starting February 1 and continuing through February 14, QuiBids is hosting its 'We Love Our Customers' Sweepstakes.
In less than a year, QuiBids has become the nation’s largest auction site of its kind. “We grew substantially in 2010 which has enabled us to create more site features and offer additional products for our customers to bid on,” says QuiBids’ CEO Matt Beckham. “We have a lot in store for this year, but also think it’s a good time to host a seasonal event, which is where the idea for a Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes came into play.”
All participants in the 'We Love Our Customers' Sweepstakes are allowed to enter once a day for the daily drawing. Prizes include an HDTV, digital cameras, iPods and more. “We’ve wanted to host a Sweepstakes for a long time,” says Jill Farrand, Director of Public Relations. “We know our customers will be excited to participate and it’s another way for us to say thank you for their support.”
QuiBids continues to offer its customers additional ways to win auctions. QuiBids gives away 50 free bids on its Facebook page every day. In November 2010, QuiBids hosted a $10,000 contest for the millionth auction winner. The ”We Love Our Customers” Sweepstakes is to be the company’s first of many to come. For more details, visit the QuiBids Facebook page. There’s no doubt QuiBids loves its customers.

Updated Penny Auction Coupon Codes - ALL PENNY AUCTION SITES

Click on the penny auction site links and enter the coupon codes to receive the discounts below.
Site: Bid2Free
Coupon: 5 free bonus bids
Coupon Code: BID5

Site: Bid66
Coupon: complementary bids for testimonials
• For a Video Testimonial, 75 free bids.
• For a Picture Testimonial, 50 free bids.
• For Written Testimonial, 25 free bids.
Coupon Code: BIDP ---20 free bids
Coupon Code: WELCOME -- 10 free bids
Coupon Code: NEWYEAR -- 10 free bids
Coupon Code: BIDPENNY -- 10 free bids
Coupon Code: LUCKY --20 free bids

Site: Bidash
Coupon: 5 free bids if register through
Coupon Code: facebook5

Site: BidBlink
Coupon: 5 free bids
Coupon Code: PS5FREE

Site: BidCactus
Coupon: $10.00 off your first winning auction item (excludes bid packs)
Coupon Code: K2T8BC

Site: BidCactus
Coupon: 5% off between 6-8pm EST
Coupon Code: EVENING

Site: BidFun
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Coupon Code: R3655097

Site: BidHere
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Site: BidHere
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Coupon Code: CCJ10

Site: BidsMaster
Coupon: 3 free bids at registration
Coupon Code: N/A

Site: BidsOMax
Coupon: Refer a friend and earn 5% commission on bids purchased by that person for life
*Visit to refer a friend

Site: BidRivals
Coupon: 12 free bids
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Site: BidRivals
Coupon: 1 free bid at sign up, 5 free bids with purchase
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Site: BidSauce
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Site: Bids4LessStore
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Site: BidsTick
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Site: Biduh
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Site: DibZees
Coupon: Doubles the number of bids in your bid pack purchase. Example.) Buy 25 bids, get 25 bids free. Buy 50 bids, get 50 bids free. Works for all bid pack sizes.
Coupon Code: DOUBLE

Site: FeelTheBid
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Coupon Code: mtc81

Site: FreedomBids
Coupon: 3 free bids when pre-register before Feb. 1, 2011
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Site: FreedomBids
Coupon: 40 free bids when you purchase a bid pack of 500
Coupon Code: 45th98ws1

Site: LuckyBossBids
  • Coupon: 7 free bids with bid pack purchase
  •  Coupon Code: FREE7
  • Coupon: 20 free bids with a purchase of a bid pack $50 or more
  • Coupon Code: FREE20
Site: MadBid
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Site: MadBid
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Site: MadBid
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Site: MidPenny
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Site: NitroHawk
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Site: oohilove
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Site: Quibids
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Site: Quick2Bid
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Site: ScoreLuxe
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Site: SkoreIt
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Site: SkoreIt
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Site: SkoreIt
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Site: SellMoo
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Site: SellMoo
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*Also if you are a new customer use the coupon code facebook for 10 free bids at registration

Site: SellMoo
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Site: Swoopo
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Site: Swoopo
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Coupon: 3 free bids
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Site: XBids
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Site: YuzzIt
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Quibids Valentines Sweepstakes is finally announced

Love is in the air! The Quibids valentine's sweepstakes was finally announced and posted today on the Quibids site and Facebook page. The sweepstakes is from February 1st - February 14th. Being a big Quibids fan, I am SOOOOO excited for this Quibids promotion. So what is the Quibids Valentines promotion? Basically, everyday at 6:00PM CST Quibids will draw a name and the winner will receive a great price and a Quibids t-shirt. The prices include: TVs, iPads, Gift Cards, Wii System, Canon Camera and more! You can only enter once a day. To enter click HERE.
If you visit Quibid's Facebook fan page you can read the official sweepstakes rules and regulations. 

For Quibids coupon codes click HERE. 
For Bid Penny's official Quibids review click HERE.

Coupons and Promotions for Feb. 1, 2011

Two great promotions are on PAC and PAP today. 

On Penny Auction Coupon is selling 25 bids for just $9.

On Penny Auction Promotion is offering the deal: buy 20 bids and receive 20 free.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pointnbid is on Today is on this week! If you haven't been to it is worth checking out. It is similar to and Basically, Social Penny sells discounted bid packs. Today they are having a promotion for for 50% off a purchase of a 100 bid package. You can buy 100 bids (a $75 value) for just $37.50. is a relatively new penny auction site based in Australia. However, Pointnbid also hosts auctions for the US, UK, France, and Germany.
To visit Social Penny and purchase a discounted Pointnbid bid package, click HERE.

Ultimate Penny Bid will be on Penny Auction Coupon Tomorrow is being featured on PennyAuctionCoupon tomorrow, February 1st. Ultimate Penny Bid will be selling 25 bids for only $6. This is a great deal. However, this promotion is for one day only. If you haven't been to PennyAuctionCoupon before you must try it out. You can buy discounted bid packs every day at PAC.

To visit Ultimate Penny Bid click HERE.

To visit Penny Auction Coupon click HERE.

Coupons and Promotions for January 31st

Two great promotions are on PAC and PAP today. 

On Penny Auction Coupon YourPennyWins is selling 25 bids for just $5.

On Penny Auction Promotion is offering the deal: buy 25 bids for $15 and receive 40 free. That is a total of 65 bids for just $15!!!!!!!
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