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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Bids Promotion Extended on HappyBidDay

The "Raining Free Bids" promotion has been extended through May 31st on The Raining Free Bids promotion on is a terrific promotion and I am so happy to announce that the promotion is extended! With this penny auction promotion you have so many opportunities to win free bids. Below are the promotion details:

50 Free Bids - Registration
50 Free Bids - Daily Login
50 Free Bids - Invite Friends
50 Free Bids - Purchase Bid Packs
50 Free Bids - Birthday Month

At you can use your free bids on only "Happy Auctions." The Happy Auctions have a smiley face logo next to each auction listing. Happy Auctions include items such as gift cards, bid packages, appliances, electronics, DVDs / Blu-Rays. 

For more information visit bid packages start at just $40.

HUGE Promotion at

The penny auction site is currently offering the biggest registration promotion I have ever seen. When you register at Bidmos and purchase your first bid package Bidmos will send you a FREE Windows 7 Ultimate full version DVD as a gift! That is a pretty awesome gift, especially if you're still using Windows Vista. Windows 7 Ultimate is a great gift and is valued at $274.99 on Amazon. At Bidmos registration is free and you must be 18 years or older.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

UltimatePennyBid on PAP

UltimatePennyBid is on penny auction promo today. Buy 20 bids for 14 dollars and get 10 free!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Penny Auction Site - Bidnotic

There is a new penny auction site slated to open this summer. The site is Bidnotic and it is said to be very different from the traditional penny auction site. Bidnotic is a revolutionary new "penny" auction site that claims to change the very notion of an online penny auction.  Their goal is to resolve a lot of the concerns and criticism in the online auction space, while creating a completely new, fun and exciting auction environment.  A few of Bidnotic's differentiators are discussed below; more details and the announcement of our new and exciting auction environment to come soon.  

One of the differentiators from current sites is that Bidnotic will have a multi-level bidding system, meaning that each bid will cost you as little as $0.01, or as much as $0.60.  Prizes will vary in cost based on the bid increment, and our plan is to launch with three increments: $0.01, $0.25, and $0.60.

Secondly, Bidnotic auctions are designed to end in a very time-efficient manner.  Bidnotic plans to significantly reduce the time needed to win prizes from hours on some current sites to less than 20 minutes.  Every auction on our site will take as little as 13 minutes, or 20 minutes at a maximum.  

Lastly, the winner of the auction will truly WIN the prize.  They do not have to pay any additional charges, or pay for the final prize.  The cost of bidding will be the ONLY cost to our participants.

Stay tuned with us at,, or on Twitter @Bidnotic.  You can also contact Bidnotic at

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Quibids Coupon Code - 2011

Today I was able to use a new coupon code worth 10 free bids. I was VERY excited to use this new Quibids promotion code because Quibids rarely has coupons. The coupon code is: WINTODAY

I saw this new 2011 Quibids coupon code for the month of May on a Quibids tv commercial.  The Quibids coupon code WINTODAY was given at the end of the ad.

Please note, to use this coupon code you must use it only during registration and only when you purchase a bid package of 100 bids. The bid package of 100 bids is $60.00 USD. Thus, you get 110 bids for $60.00. 

For more free bids at Quibids you can also try their Facebook promotions. Quibids runs a daily promotion on their Facebook fan page. If you participate and have the best answer you can win 50 free bids!  The promotions are fun, but also competitive. The Quibids Facebook promotions usually have 200-300 participants each day! 

For money penny auction coupon codes check my Coupons Page. The largest coupon this week is a HappyBidDay Coupon for 15% off.
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