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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Continued Black Friday at OrangeBidz - All Weekend

Love deals? OrangeBidz wants to help you with your Christmas shopping by extending their Black Friday deals through Cyber monday!!! All bids placed will be returned to you if you do not win. If auctions run past 11:59 PM, bids will be credited after the final auction ends (and before auctions begin on Tuesday). Even if you win an auction this weekend (through Monday), you will still receive all bids back placed on auctions you did not win.

OrangeBidz also is having a HUGE sale on bid packs. Their bid packs have never been this low! Take advantage of this steep sale and stock up on bid packs now! Below are the bid pack prices:

45% off price list
30 $22.50 - $12.38
50 $37.50 - $20.62
100 $75.00 - $41.25
200 $150.00  + 25 Bonus $82.50
300 $225.00 + 60 Bonus $123.75  
500 $375.00 + 60 Bonus $206.25
1000 $750.00 + 60 Bonus $375.00 (50% Off)

OrangeBidz' auctions open at 4:00 PM. OrangeBidz has also announced that they will be opening the option to Buy It Now in the near future.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nailbidder Will be Closed Thanksgiving Weekend

The penny auction site, will be closed Thanksgiving weekend: Wednesday Nov. 23rd - Nov. 27th. The site will reopen on Cyber Monday November 28th. However, make sure to stop by the site on Tuesday Nov. 22nd where they will be auctioning a Amazon Kindle.
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