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Friday, October 29, 2010

Haggle Discontinued - Closed for Business

Haggle the well known penny auction site officially discontinued their services on October 28, 2010.  Haggle users can transfer their account to

“After transferring your bids you can participate in all the great auctions at’! Check out features such as the Bid Buddy to help members like you win more auctions and the Loyalty Store, an opportunity to buy items at extreme discounts using Loyalty Bucks (included with new bid packs)”

BigDeal is another penny auction website that started in November of 2009 with headquarters in San Fransisco. BigDeal does offer great services like Bid Buddy and customers can apply 100% of the cost of their bids towards the purchase of the auctioned item. is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, Haggle customers are not too happy. The customers do not necessarily loose their bids, but have to transfer their bids to BidDeal. Some customers have contacted Haggle directly for a refund on their bids. However, Haggle has made it known that the only option for their customers is to have their bids transferred to The unfortunate thing about Haggle is there was no warning to their customers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010 Buy One Get One Free Promotion - Ends Today!

At  buy one bid pack and get another bid pack free (of equal value of the 1st purchased bid pack). This promotion is for today only - 10/28/2010.

What is It is a new penny auction site founded in April 2010 with headquarters in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quibids Special Offers

Refer a Friend for 25 Bids:

Quibids has a Refer a Friend offer that is 25 free bids for every friend who is referred to our site.  Basically, the customer has to:

-          Login into his/her account
-          Click on the Refer Friends link on the left side panel
-          Fill in their friends’ name and email, along with a personal message if he/she chooses OR give them the link provided on the page
-          If a friend(s) signs up and purchases a Bid Pack, he/she will receive 25 free bids

Terms & Conditions Of Referrals
You will be credited once the person you recruited buys their first Bid Pack. We'll credit you 25 Voucher Bids to say thank you for each that signs up! Voucher Bids are valid for 40 days.
Referrals are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with our terms of service. You should receive credit for referrals within 24-48 hours of their first purchase. You can review our site rules.
We do not collect email addresses for unsolicited advertising, this will be a one time email to your friends. Promotions

1.) 50% Refill Bonus:
The first 50 members who purchase credits will get a 50% bonus! To purchase credits follow the link below:

 Purchase Credits

2.) 5 Free Bids when you refer a friend:

Receive 5 bonus credits when you invite a friend to join you at through our Refer-A-Friend tool.

Follow these steps to refer friends:

  • Log in to
  • Click on "Refer a friend" in the "my account" area
  • The Refer-A-Friend tool is located at the bottom left of the "My account" page
  • You just have to enter your friend's e-mail and to click on "Send"

There’s no limit to the number of friends that you’re allowed to refer. You can follow progress of your friend by checking his status on the "My account" page.

Refer A Friend rules
The following rules apply to Refer-A-Friend:
The referring player must have an active account.
The referred player must:
  • Open an account on
  • Make purchase credits

Promotional content above was taken from SitnBid's blog (

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BidCactus Penny Auciton Promotion - Today Only

Get 25 Free Bids with a 250 BidpackToday - Use code XFAE-RFRW at Checkout

Bid66 Promotion - 10 Free Bids

From 10/26/2010 through 11/30/2010 Bid66 is offering a promotion for BidPenny readers. Use the coupon code: BIDPENNY for 10 free bids. This coupon code can be used for new and existing customers.

Click on the link below to go to Bid66:

Monday, October 25, 2010 Free Bids Promotion

This week only (October 25th - October 31st) earn 10 free bids with any bid pack purchase. Bid packs start at just $20.00. To see all bid pack options and prices visit my Review. Use the coupon code: ABCFUN25 to earn the free bids. Click on the link below to visit

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BidPenny Special BidBlink Promotion

The promotion below was specifically made for BidPenny readers. Use the promotion code: BidPenny1 to receive 50% additional Bonus Bids on your next purchase. This will give you 10 extra bids when you buy BidBlink's smallest bid pack and 50 extra Bonus Bids on the largest bid pack. This code can be used for new and existing BidBlink customers.
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