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Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Changes at has recently made some new and exciting changes. I really like the updated look and feel of the site. Below is a summary of the changes:

BidPigs has just undergone some major changes!
Please review this list for details on the changes. We sure hope you enjoy the new look pig pen!
1. Introducing RESERVE AUCTIONS. These auctions will not go active until the reserve is hit. The reserve will be set in the range as listed on each auction. Once a lucky bidder hits that reserve, the auction will activate, with only 10 minutes left on the timer! Bid now and hit that reserve so the auction can end before anyone even knows it was activated! Once active these auctions behave as standard auctions. This feature will allow BidPigs to offer more big ticket items!

2. News Section. This feature will help us stay on top of updating all of our little pigs about future upgrades, contests and specials. Please keep an eye on the date of the news to see if there is information you should see.

3. Referral Program. We have activated the BidPigs refer a pig program! Now you can earn free bids by getting all your little piggies to come play with us! We will give you 3 free bids everytime that one of your friends buys bids! Every time! Visit the referral link in your profile and start hogging those bids up today!

4. Penny Auction 101 with Ms. Spigtacular. This area will become an easy to read, user friendly class for everyone that has questions about our site and features. While the help section still offers the most information, Ms. Spigtacular will try to break it down so even the silliest little runt learns a trick or two!

5. Bid Pricing. We have restructured the two largest bid packages to bring pricing between the smaller packs and the larger closer together. Some users noted that there was an appearance of favoritism to the heavier bidders by having such a price break for larger packs. BidPigs will continually work to make this site as fair as possible to all users!
6. New look. We worked hard to design and implement some cool new pigs and images. We don't want everyone looking at the same old pig pen! Keep an eye out for even more new pigs and images coming soon!
As always, BidPigs values your opinion. If you have any comments, or questions, please let us know!
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