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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quibids Raises Their Monthly Win Limit is once again giving their customers a greater opportunity to win! They announced this week that the site's win limit will be raised from 8 to 12 wins a month. Win limits were originally put in place to ensure that everyone on the site had an opportunity to win. If win limits were not in place power bidders could bid up and buy up every auction. Win limits help even the playing field for new and mildly experienced bidders. With the win limits slightly raised customers can now bid on and win more items.

How does the increased win limit affect Quibids customers? Even though win limits are put in place to protect customers, the higher win limit would not have an adverse affect on Quibids customers. Quibids offers 15,000+ auctions a day. That is 450,000 auctions a month. Thus, if every customer reached their win limit that would allow 37,500 customers to purchase 12 items a month at a terrific price. Customers are ecstatic!  Several customers were reaching their win limits within the first week or two of the month. Now they can spread their wins and continue to play the entire month. In response to the win limit changes, Quibids CFO, Jeff Geurts said, "We've had a lot of customer feedback to raise the limits, so we're giving our customers exactly what they want."

New Coupon Code For Lucky Chic

Lucky Chic is one of my favorite penny auction sites. It is the penny bidding site that I have had the most success with in winning. I just received a terrific coupon code: ISAVEMORE

This promotion code will give you 21% free additional chips (bids) for each bid pack purchase you make. This coupon code ends on March 30th so hurry and use it quick! LuckyChic auctions a varitey of cool brand new products including gift cards, TVs, computers, Apple products and more.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penny Auction Commercials - Quibids and Beezid

I have been seeing more and more penny auction commercials lately. I have seen commercials on local stations like ABC, CBS and NBC but I also have seen multiple ones on ESPN. I pay close attention to these commercials as I am a blogger in the industry. As much as I like penny auctions, their commercials really could use some improvement. Most of them seem very low budget. The industry itself is very cookie cutter and the advertisements follow that protocol. Each ad has a spokesperson talking about the site as iPads, TVs, computers and more fly across the screen with low price tags. Below are three examples of penny auction commercials. The Quibids TV ad is very typical for a penny bidding site. The Beezid TV ad is pretty entertaining. The woman's voice in the ad is sexy and seductive. I think they must be marketing young males. This is a good target; however, I have noticed that a lot of the Quibids Facebook fans are females. The MadBid commercial is just funny. I had to add it because it is so cheap and silly. Please feel free to leave comments on your favorite penny auction commercials.

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