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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penny Auction Commercials - Quibids and Beezid

I have been seeing more and more penny auction commercials lately. I have seen commercials on local stations like ABC, CBS and NBC but I also have seen multiple ones on ESPN. I pay close attention to these commercials as I am a blogger in the industry. As much as I like penny auctions, their commercials really could use some improvement. Most of them seem very low budget. The industry itself is very cookie cutter and the advertisements follow that protocol. Each ad has a spokesperson talking about the site as iPads, TVs, computers and more fly across the screen with low price tags. Below are three examples of penny auction commercials. The Quibids TV ad is very typical for a penny bidding site. The Beezid TV ad is pretty entertaining. The woman's voice in the ad is sexy and seductive. I think they must be marketing young males. This is a good target; however, I have noticed that a lot of the Quibids Facebook fans are females. The MadBid commercial is just funny. I had to add it because it is so cheap and silly. Please feel free to leave comments on your favorite penny auction commercials.

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