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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Continued Black Friday at OrangeBidz - All Weekend

Love deals? OrangeBidz wants to help you with your Christmas shopping by extending their Black Friday deals through Cyber monday!!! All bids placed will be returned to you if you do not win. If auctions run past 11:59 PM, bids will be credited after the final auction ends (and before auctions begin on Tuesday). Even if you win an auction this weekend (through Monday), you will still receive all bids back placed on auctions you did not win.

OrangeBidz also is having a HUGE sale on bid packs. Their bid packs have never been this low! Take advantage of this steep sale and stock up on bid packs now! Below are the bid pack prices:

45% off price list
30 $22.50 - $12.38
50 $37.50 - $20.62
100 $75.00 - $41.25
200 $150.00  + 25 Bonus $82.50
300 $225.00 + 60 Bonus $123.75  
500 $375.00 + 60 Bonus $206.25
1000 $750.00 + 60 Bonus $375.00 (50% Off)

OrangeBidz' auctions open at 4:00 PM. OrangeBidz has also announced that they will be opening the option to Buy It Now in the near future.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nailbidder Will be Closed Thanksgiving Weekend

The penny auction site, will be closed Thanksgiving weekend: Wednesday Nov. 23rd - Nov. 27th. The site will reopen on Cyber Monday November 28th. However, make sure to stop by the site on Tuesday Nov. 22nd where they will be auctioning a Amazon Kindle.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Bids on

Today only, get 2 free bids for just signing in to your account at If you log into your OrangeBidz account any time today, 11/16 your account will be credited 2 bids. Auctions start at 7:00 PM EST today. Feel free to use your free bids today or save them for another time. Today OrangeBidz is also having a huge special on their large bid pack. You can purchase 170 bids for only $96, that is just $0.56 a bid. Hurry because this offer expires today. Tonight OrangeBidz is auctioning an Amazon Kindle with WiFi, 3D TV expander, Amazon gift cards, bid packs, kitchenware, Apple Products, video games, Walmart and Best Buy gift cards and more!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quibids - The BIGGEST Penny Auction Site

I was bidding on some auctions on Quibids yesterday when I took a look at the Quibids site's news updates. I saw their ad "There are Over 1,000 Winners Everyday on" Wow, this is just unbelievable. There are over 1,000 people who win on Quibids everyday!!! I don't know if this number includes auction wins only or also buy it now "wins". I don't know if I would count buy-it-now on Quibids as a win, as it is more of a purchase. I talked to a friend who used to do shipping for Quibids and he said that he used to ship over 5,000 items a day for Quibids. Thus, maybe Quibids number includes just auction winners. It looks like the Quibids Lawsuit has no effect on Quibid's sales volume. Their site is still growing steadily and they have kept many loyal customers. Quibids is the largest penny auction site because they have the most products, the most unique items and the best customer service. All products sold on are brand new, never used. Quibids has 24/7 customer service and even has telephone customer service. You can contact Quibids at: (405) 253-2038. They are located in Oklahoma CityOK and are on central time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HappyBidDay Celebrate's its 1 Year Birthday, an online auction site that offers a unique twist to shopping, has announced an exciting lineup for the month of November. The site has quickly grown to become one of the most popular and fastest growing online penny auction sites in the industry. Site owner, Lisa Dee, is rewarding members for the success.
“We had a great first year – thanks to our members,” explains Dee. “As a reward to our loyal members, we’re giving away lots of free surprises.”
Loyal members get 35 percent off their next two bid pack purchase from November 1 to November 7. They will also get 200 free bids for each day they log-in. Members who invite friends to share in the fun get 100 extra bids for each new friend that joins. Members also have access to Facebook invites, allowing them to easily invite friends and rack up free online auction bids.
New members get special birthday gifts, too. These members are awarded 100 free online auction bids - just for signing up. An exclusive bid pack discount of 20 percent is also available to new members. These members get access to the site’s reward program. The program offers perks simply for participating in happy penny auctions. Registration is no-cost and takes less than 60 seconds to complete.
“We’re thrilled to celebrate our one-year anniversary with our members,” explains Dee. “The month of November is going to be an exciting time. For the first time ever, HappyBidDay will auction off two 1,000 bid packs per week. Plus, members can log-on daily to get access to unannounced surprises. There’s truly no other online auction like and we’re thrilled to share this special time with our members.”
For more information about, visit, or email

Saturday, October 29, 2011

OrangeBidz FreightFest Promotion This Weekend

This weekend OrangeBidz is having a HUGE promotion to celebrate Halloween. Today and tomorrow, October 29th and 30th, bid risk free! OrangeBidz will be giving every bid placed these 2 days back!  If you do not win, OrangeBidz will refund the bids you used on the auction. If you do win, your bids are not refunded. Also there will be a big promotion on bid packages. If you buy 2 bid packs (any size) you will get your third free! For example, if you buy (2) 100 bid packs you will get a total of 300 bids for the price of 200.  In order for this promotion to qualify, you must purchase 3 of the same size bid pack. So 3 bid packs of 50 or 3 bid packs of 100. 

All bids placed on auctions that you did not win this weekend will be returned to your account on Sunday October 30th at 11:59 PM PDT.  Hurry and make sure you take advantage of this promotion this weekend. I've NEVER seen such a big promotion. Not only can you bid risk free but bid packs are 33% off (using the buy 2 get 3rd free promo. OrangeBidz offers lots of products and lots of auctions. They are very comparable to Quibids, but have much better specials. Quibids rarely ever has any kind of promotion, other than the Quibids Facebook promotions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New PointnBid Coupon Code

The Australian based penny auction site has just added coupon codes to their website. I contacted the owner and got a code for BidPenny blog readers. The code is BP15 and is worth 15 free bids with a purchase of any bid package. Please use this coupon code quickly as it expires on Nov. 22nd 2011. This coupon code is just in time for the holidays though. Use the coupon code to get even more savings on your Christmas gifts.

If you are new to PointnBid you can register and receive 1 free bids. Bids are realitively inexpensive on Pointnbid. You can use the BidPenny promo code - BP15 and buy a bid pack of 20 bids for $15 and get 15 bids free!

20 bids = $15.00
50 bids = $37.50
100 bids = $75.00
200 bids = $150.00
500 bids = $375.00
800 bids = $600.00

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gift Card Mania Is Back!!!!

It's time to celebrate! Gift Card Mania is back today (10/26) on This is a great promotion that is just loved by all OrangeBidz customers. Starting at 4pm PDT a gift card will be auctioned off every 5 minutes with bid packs in-between. All autobidders are disabled and Orange will be sending out a very special offer through email to all users. If you are already a member of OrangeBidz, check your email for an offer for a discounted bid pack. If you are new to OrangeBidz you can register today and receive 2 free bids.

The gift cards being offered this afternoon and evening on OrangeBidz include: Walmart, Amazon, TGI Fridays, Jack In The Box, Sephora, Kohls, Shell,, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and more! Don't miss this huge event. With gift cards being auctioned every 5 minutes there is plenty to win. Also, these gift cards are just in time for the your holiday shopping. Save more on Black Friday using gift cards from OrangeBidz!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Bid66 Coupon Code

Last week Bid66 ran a promotion on Facebook for a coupon code to their site. The Bid66 Facebook page asked their current fans to spread the word about their Facebook page. Once their fan page reached 100 Facebook "likes," Bid66 would release a new promo code. Their fan page reached their goal yesterday and just released the coupon code: FACEBOOK100.

The coupon code: FACEBOOK100 is worth 5 free bids and expires in 6 days on 10/31/11. This is a value of $2.50. However, items on Bid66 usually sell for around $0.10-$0.60 so you can gain even more savings.

To enter the coupon code just go to and login. On the right side of the home page click on the gray button "Promotion Code." Then just enter FACEBOOK100 for your 5 free bids.

Visit my blog later this week for more penny auction coupon codes.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Your Penny Auction Coupons at

Penny auction bidders are always looking for ways to save. Isn't that why we bid and play on penny auctions? Where else can you get a gift card for only $0.25!!! We are familiar with penny auction discount coupon sites like Penny Auction Coupon. On PAC, you can buy discounted bid packs for around 70-80% off retail price. Penny auction customers also can find coupon codes on blogs like my own, BidPenny. But now there's a new site to get penny auction coupon codes, On CouponCheif you can search and find coupon codes to Quibids, PennyAuction.CA, BidCactus, Bid66, BidHere, BidNerd, Bidaroo and more!

I like using CouponChief so much more than CouponChief is much more current than the other online coupon sites out there. Plus CouponChief allows users to submit their own coupon codes. The CouponChief members can rate, comment and validate coupons so that you know that you are looking at the most current and active coupons on the web. Once a coupon is expired CouponChief removes it from the site. You can even make money if you share your coupons on Just sign up for their Pay-2-Share Program and every time someone use a promotion code that you shared, you can earn 2% of the sales. Read more about the Pay-2-Share program at

Looking for coupons other than penny auction coupon codes? Well, CouponChief has coupon and promo codes for millions of sites. CouponChief hosts coupons and online promo codes for major US retailers like: Famous Footwear, Gap, American Girl, DSW, Target, SnapFish, eBags, Shutterfly, Kohls and TomTom. Searching for coupons on CouponChief is very easy. Under "Search for a coupon now" just type in the store or website you would like a coupon for and click "Search." Their search engine is powered by Google and pulls the correct results very quickly. So what are you waiting for? Save money on penny auctions and other retailers at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BidRivals Focusing More on Europe and Australia - Less on US

The online penny auction site BidRivals is shifting their business away from the United States and creating a larger focus on the European and Australian markets. BidRivals will still have auctions for the US but will have much more for Europe and Australia. The penny auction site also will be ending their affiliate program with 3rd party sites in the US. Their affiliate program ends on October 24th 2011. BidRival's core markets are in Europe and Australia. Only a small percentage of their customers are from the US. By focusing their efforts on their core markets they hope to strengthen their market share in those countries. BidRivals will still remain one of the few global / international penny auction sites. The movement away from the US market just goes to show how competitive the penny auction industry right now. Hundreds and hundreds of penny auction sites have popped up in the last 2 years and 99% of them have gone out of business. Even the larger sites like Swoopo, BidFire, Bidash and BidRodeo are out of business. Sites there are still open (with the exception of Quibids) do still struggle. For example, Pointnbid's auctions usually always end at <$0.25. The owner is most likely losing money every day. The economic recession has drawn people to find better deals, thus turning to the penny auction market. However, if customers are not winning enough, they usually do not return.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Facebook Promo for

Bid66's fan page on FACEBOOK is having a promotion. The page currently has 73 likes and once it reaches 100 fans it will release a new coupon code. This is a great deal. The coupon code will be for 5 free bids. As most items on Bid66 are selling for so cheap (around $0.25) these 5 free bids could really help you win an awesome gift card or electronic. Make sure to like the Bid66 fan page and tell your friends. Just 27 more likes to reach the coupon code. To like the Bid66 fan page visit:

Monday, October 10, 2011

To Spend a Bid or Not Spend a Bid?

I've been watching a lot of auctions lately on Quibids and the penny auction site Bid66 lately. I've been paying close attention to winning penny auction strategies of different players. There are multiple strategies used on many entertainment shopping sites. Such as:

1.) Immediately placing a bid right after another person over and over to intemidate
2.) Not placing any bids until the last few seconds of the auction, hoping to "snake" the other person

Both of these strategies can work but there are definitely cases where one is better than another. I think on strategy 2 (waiting to bid during the last 5-10 seconds) works better. This bidding strategy is better as there are less users on Bid66. Lately, I've seen auctions end at lower than $0.25. Often auctions are won for just $0.06 or $0.07.

On, penny auction strategy 1 (placing multiple bids) works best. Quibids has multiple users and bidders on every auction. You need to stake your claim on an auction in order to win on Quibids.  For more penny auction strategies read my blog post: Penny Auction Strategy Winning Tips

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spend Less Bids and Win More on Quibids Using

I am always looking for a competitive edge on the world's largest penny auction site Quibids. More often than not I spend several bids on a Quibids auction and the auction is won by another bidder. There are theories and penny auction strategies that I have shared on BidPenny. However, a theory and strategy can only get you so far, especially with no data to confirm your theories. The website is a HUGE aid to help bidders spend less bids and win more often on Quibids. 

Registered users of are given access to auction databases. Some of the data provided includes:
  • Best time of day and day of week to bid on Quibids (item specific)
  • Auction ending prices of particular auctions
  • Minimum and maximum sales price by product
  • List of the easiest and hardest items to win
  • Price point strategy using percentage quartiles
  • Average auction ending price by day and by hour

      The data used on QuibidsReport is updated several times a week. The QuibidsReport interface is very easy to use. Each auction is listed in alphabetical order. All you have to do is find the item you want stats on and BOOM you have statistical data to back up your Quibids winning strategies. QuibidsReport's auction descriptions give auction ending price data in easy to read graphs and data tables. The graphs make it easy to visually see the peak times to bid and the best auction price. I had to try QuibidsReport's stats for myself. I really enjoy the stats regarding the auction's average auction ending price by item. This helped me determine when I should start bidding on a particular auction. I choose an item that was recently ending on Quibids and I bid using their straddle method and won the auction in only 3 bids!

      To join all you need to do is register. Registration is just $6.99 a month. If you are not satisfied with your results you can cancel your subscription at any time.

      Wednesday, September 28, 2011

      New Penny Auction Site -

      I came across a new penny auction site through PennyAuctionCoupon. Today only PAC is selling discounted bids for the new site WickedBidder. You can purchase 25 bids for only $5!!! This is a 73% discount on top of the discount that you may receive on Wicked Bidder's penny auctions. Just at first glance, I really enjoy the site. I love that their theme has the colors purple and black. It seems like every other online auction site is ripping off Quibid's blue and white theme. It is refreshing to see some different colors. The penny auction site offers so many unique auctions that I have never seen on any other site. For example, they auctioned a container of Red Vines!!! How crazy is that? It's cool though. Their timers are also a little different from other sites. If no one bids within the last 2 minutes the clock adds another minute. Thus the timers cycle between 1-2 minutes left in the auction if there are no bids. Bids can be purchased on WickedBidder for $0.70 - $0.75 each depending on the size of the bid package purchased.

      Thursday, September 22, 2011

      Review of the New Bid66 Site

      As most of you already know Bid66, the premier penny auction site, has relaunched. I was very excited for the site's relaunch as it is one of my favorite penny auction sites. Just the look of the site has improved drastically. The new site has a clean and fresh look. The old Bid66 site was fairly easy to use, but their new site is even easier. Their old penny auction site sold mostly products but no gift cards. The new site primarily sells gift cards and electronics. To keep consistency the site still offers free shipping but only on the gift cards. Other electronics can be shipped for $5 or $10. As the site is new, there currently is less competition. Take advantage of this! I've seen gift cards sell for $0.04 and a blu-ray player sell for $0.20. As an appreciation for Bid Penny readers, Bid66 has given me a coupon code. Use the promo code: BIDPENNY for 5 free bids on the Bid66 site. New users will also receive 5 free bids at registration. Thus using the coupon code new users will get 10 free bids! This is a $5 value for free on top of all the great gifts you can purchase for just pennies.

      Wednesday, September 21, 2011

      Penny Auction Winning Tips

      To excel on penny auction sites like Quibids, HappyBidDay, BidRivals, Bid66, Pointnbid and more you need a little bit of luck and strategy. You won't necessarily win your first auction. Penny auctions take some practice. Don't waste a bid on an auction when it has several hours left on the timer. Most bidders wait to bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction. Watch other auctions on the online auction site before you bid on an auction. Take note of the following:
      1.) Ending auction price of previous auctions
      2.) Number of people bidding
      3.) Amount of auctions
      4.) Time in your time zone and others

      When taking note of the ending auction price of previous auctions look at the recently won auction page. Most penny auctions have a page that displays recently ended auctions. If you have an eye on a particular item see if it is on a winners page and how much the item sold for.  Lets say you are looking to bid on a iPhone. If the iPhone recently was won for $2.35 don't start bidding until the auction is at least $1.50. This will save you some bids.

      You can also roughly determine the amount of people on the online auction site if it is a small site. Most sites have about 10 auctions running at a time. Click on each auction and you can see the amount of people bidding. You can take note of the people on the site during different periods of the day. Determine what time of the day there is the least amount of people. The less competition the more likely you are to win. Most penny auction sites have less people from 2 am - 10 am. But also take note of other time zones. 7 pm in the east coast is only 4 pm on the west coast.

      Sunday, September 18, 2011

      Bid66 Coupon Code

      The penny auction site Bid66 changed their launch date to Monday September 19th at 6:00 PM EST. With their grand opening they will have TONS of auctions including electronics, Apple products and gift cards. My BidPenny blog has a special exclusive for all that want to participate in Bid66's grand re-opening. Each new customer gets 5 free bids for registering on Bid66. However, if you use the coupon code: BIDPENNY you can also get an additional 5 free bids. That is a total of 10 free bids! Please take advantage of this penny auction promotion code! For more details visit and also make sure to check out their auctions tonight to prepare yourself for their grand opening tomorrow.

      Monday, September 12, 2011

      Bid66 Relaunch Celebration

      The moment that we all have been waiting for is almost here!!! On Wednesday September 14th the new and improved website will relaunch. The site has been down due to redesign and construction for the last 2 months. The new Bid66 site has a fresh new look and is easy to use. The new Bid66 site has similar features to the popular penny auction site Quibids. However, Bid66 will offer even better deals than Quibids. The new Bid66 site will give customers free shipping on all gift cards. Whereas so penny auction sites like Pointnbid and Quibids charge for shipping on gift cards. Don't fight the crowd on Quibids go to Bid66!!! On Wednesday Bid66 will be auctioning gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants and hotels. The new Bid66 site will also be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Make sure and stop by on Wednesday to receive free bids for their grand opening celebration.

      Saturday, September 3, 2011

      Beginner Auctions On Speedy Finger

      Beginner auctions are a terrific advantage for those new to penny auctions. Several online auction sites like Quibids, BidRivals and Speedy Finger offer beginner auctions. Beginner auctions are available for any new member to the site who has not yet won their first auction on the site. Beginner auctions typically have lower ticket items ranging in value from $5 to $50. These beginner auction items usually are bid packages and gift cards. At look for the "B" icon to know that the auction is a beginner auction. Currently SpeedyFinger is offering beginner auctions for bid packages. This is a great way for those new to penny auctions to start. With beginner auctions you have less competition as you are only bidding against people of your skill set (new to penny auctions). Winning bid packages is also great because it gives you an opportunity to play again and increase your skills. 

      Saturday, August 27, 2011

      Quibids Passes Internal Audit

      This week the nation's leading online penny auction site,, has completed and released the results of its internal controls audit. The decision to have an internal audit was made by Quibids in order to put current and future customers at ease. QuiBids subjected itself to an internal controls audit with Grant Thornton earlier this spring.  CEO Matt Beckham believes the release of its internal control audit will help to assure consumers of the business standards QuiBids has set for the entertainment retail auction industry.

      QuiBids is the first entertainment retail auction site, however, some customers are concerned that automatic bidders and shills are being used on the site.  The internal controls audit completed by Grant Thornton states that “QuiBids maintains effective controls to provide reasonable assurance that bids are placed by bona fide users and does not manipulate the bidding process to inflate the bid price or affect who wins the auction (no use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees)”.  Thus, no shills or automatic bids placed by Quibids itself exists on the site. Also asserted is that QuiBids ships products to auction winners and to those that use the popular “Buy Now” feature on the site.

      The entertainment retail auction industry offers consumers the chance to get new popular products for deep discounts while having a fun and entertaining experience.  When a consumer chooses to participate on QuiBids, he or she can rest assured of the integrity of the site.

      Sunday, August 14, 2011

      Double Your Bids on OrangeBidz

      Today only, OrangeBidz penny auctions are offering a HUGE promotion. Any 100 bid package purchased on August 14th will be "doubled." After purchase you will receive 100 free additional bids into your bid bank. These bids can be used on today's auctions only and will expire at midnight. This is a great deal: 200 bids for the price of 100 bids!!! This promotion is linked with never seen before auctions. Orangebidz penny auctions is posting brand new never seen before items. 

      Today they will be auctioning: Samsung's all new Chromebook, an Apple iPod Nano and OrangeBidz' famous Mystery Auction. The all new Chromebook is a hot item that even penny auction competitors like Quibids and BidRivals are not auctioning. The online auction site OrangeBidz is also selling: a 3D TV Expander, gift cards, bid packages and household items.

      There is no limit to the amount of 100 bid packs you can purchase; however, keep in mind that you must use all extra bids today. Thus, if you purchase 3 100 bid packages you will receive 300 extra bids. These bids must be used on the penny auctions tonight though. Also, the bids used today will count towards the "free extra bids" that must be used today. So if you bought a 100 bid pack and received 100 free extra bids, if you use 101 bids on the penny auctions tonight, 100 of your free extra bids will be removed from your bid bank and 1 bid of your normal bids will be spent. Visit to purchase your 100 bid package now.

      Monday, August 1, 2011

      Super Sale Today Only - Cheap Bids

      Today only Penny Auction Promo and Penny Auction Coupon are having huge sales featuring very popular penny auction websites. On Penny Auction Promo you can purchase's bids at a 58% discount. Today's promotion is for 40 bids for just $14. UltimatePennyBid is not only fun to bid on but it is a great site to win.

      On Penny Auction Coupon the penny auction site Speedy Finger is being featured. The discount offered today is 25 bids for just $6. This is a 60% discount! Speedy Finger has great products and has a terrific model. For more information on Speedy Finger read my Penny Auction Review. Review

        All bids are just $0.50 each
      50 bids - $25.00

      100 bids - $50.00

      250 bids - $125.00

      500 bids - $250.00

      Auction Features:
      -No annoying timers
      -No bots, no shills
      -Unique "Bid Blitz" feature
      -Auctions running 24/7

      Contact Information:

      Bid Penny Review:
      Site: 9.4 / 10

      Customer Support: 8.0 / 10

      Products: 9.8 / 10
      Comments: I really enjoy the penny auction site Speedy Finger. One thing that is really refreashing is the company and site colors are green and brown. It is good to see that they are not ripping off the Quibids color scheme like every other online bidding site is lately. I rated Speedy Finger rather high at a 9.4 because the site is so different from other penny auction sites. They have a feature called "Bid Blitz" where you can lock the auctions from other bidders and choose to place multiple bids until the reserve price is met. The Bid Blitz feature can be a very powerful winning strategy.  I rated the customer support at 8.0. The support is friendly and they reply to your emails very quickly. However, I rated them only an 8.0 because there is no customer support phone number or mailing address. I rated the products on Speedy Finger high also because the site offers every popular product that any bidder would desire. They have gift cards to great places like: Target, Best Buy, AMC, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, iTunes and more. Speedy Finger also sells electronics including Apple products like iPads, notebooks and iPods.

      Today (8/1/2011) only is being featured on Penny Auction Coupon. You can purchase 25 bids for just $6 (60% off) by visiting Penny Auction Coupon (click to purchase).

      Sunday, July 24, 2011

      Free bids on OrangeBidz Today

      For today only (July 24th) is holding a free bids promotion. All customers currently registered on the site will get 2 free bids just for signing in today! Visit Orangebidz now to sign in and get your free bids. You do not need to purchase anything to receive your free bids. Take advantage of this offer. I am seeing less and less promotions lately on penny auction sites so make the most of the ones you see.

      If you are not a current user on Orangebidz there is also a promotion for new customers today. Normally new customers get 2 free bids at registration. However, today new customers get 5 free bids!

      Today only OrangeBidz is also having a "Second Chance Bid Pack" promotion. This promotion has only been offered once before and might not come back for several months. With the Second Change Bid Pack promo, if you purchase a 100 bids you are automatically enrolled in the promotion. If you use all your bids by next Sunday 7/31 you do not win any auctions, OrangeBidz will reimburse you 100 bids!

      Friday, July 22, 2011

      Maximizing your win on penny auctions

      Online penny auctions advertise great discounts at up to 90% off. The Quibids commercial features new TVs and laptops sold for under $20. However, one thing you should factor in to any auction is the shipping cost. Some penny auction sites offer free shipping where other sites make a huge profit on their high shipping costs. Most young and old penny auction sites still use Amazon as their drop shipper. The sites take advantage of the free super saver shipping and pocket the shipping amount that they receive from the customer. No all sites make a profit off of shipping. The auction site Bid66 has free shipping on every item it sells including large items like patio sets, pools and appliances. On the other hand the penny auction site PointnBid used to charge $10.00 for shipping on a gift card. Luckily they have now lowered their shipping prices and only charge $2.00.

      Quibids has very reasonable shipping costs. The shipping cost increases as the value and the size increases. Before you bid on an auction make sure and check the shipping cost. The postage cost for a gift card on Quibids is $1.99 and the cost of juice processor is $12.99. The cost can help you determine how much money you should spend on bids and the dollar amount you should pay for the item. Most sites post the shipping costs on the auction detail. You must click on the auction to view the description of the item and the shipping amount.

      Wednesday, July 20, 2011

      Big Bid Sale on Penny Auction Coupon Today

      I love posting about huge promotions and today's promotion on PennyAuctionCoupon is definitely post worthy. Today only you can purchase bids for Ultimate Penny Bid at a discounted rate of only $0.32 per bid. The package sold on PennyAuctionCoupon is 25 bids for $8. This deal only comes once a month so buy now! For my readers who have not yet shopped on PennyAuctionCoupon (PAC) it is something you shouldn't miss. On PAC you can purchase online penny auction bid packages for 70% off! The bids you purchase allow you to bid on great items like iPads, laptops, TVs, gift cards and more. PAC typically hosts a different penny auction site every day. The sites that you normally see on PAC are HeroBidder, PointnBid, BidPigs, Bid66, eBidzza and UltimatePennyBid. Unfortunately, I've never seen Quibids on PAC or Penny Auction Promo. Don't miss out on today's discounted bids, visit PennyAuctionCoupon now!

      Thursday, July 14, 2011

      What is the best time to bid on penny auctions?

      The best time to bid on a penny auction is a time when there is the least competition. The less people on the site, the greater your chance to win because there is less competition in each auction. With less competition your chances of winning greatly increase but this still does not mean that you will be guaranteed to win. You should use personal logic and research to determine the best time to bid on a penny auction site. Penny auction strategies have a large influence in your winning odds. Read about my penny auction tips and strategies at my previous blog post on Quibids.

      To know when is the best time to play you must first understand that there is not necessarily a perfect time to bid. However, below are some great tips on when the best time to play is:
      • Play when people are commuting to work. Most people are getting ready for work and commuting between 6:00 am - 8:00 am. This is a great time to play as there is less penny auction competition.
      • Don't play between 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm. This is when traffic on penny auction sites is the greatest. People are just coming home from work and have free time to play.
      • Pay attention to time zones and your competition's location. Sites like Pointnbid are located in Australia and most of their customers are located there. BidRivals is global but mostly in Europe. Quibids is in Oklahoma and most of their bidders are in the United States.
       After determining the best time, analyze the site that you choose to bid on. Keep in mind these three factors:
      • The number of products currently up for auction
      • The number of popular items (TVs, Laptops, iPads) up for auction
      • The number of bidders currently online
      My last tip has nothing to do with time but more with strategy. One way to get ahead of your competition is through more bids. The more bids you place the higher the likelihood that you would win.  Take advantage of coupon codes and discounted bids. The penny auction site, HappyBidDay, often has promotions for discounted or free bids. They also give all new customers 50 free bids at registration. Another great place to buy cheap online penny auction bids is Penny Auction Coupon and Penny Auction Promo.

      Monday, July 11, 2011

      Ultimate Penny Bid on Penny Auction Promo

      For those who haven't visited Penny Auction Promo today is a great day to do so. For today only the penny auction site UltimatePennyBid is being featured on Penny Auction Promo (PAP). Penny Auction Promo is similar to its sister site Penny Auction Coupon. The both offer discounted bid packages for about 70% retail value. Penny Auction Promo is different from Penny Auction Coupon in the fact that they 1. ) often offer larger bid packages and 2.) usually offer free bids when you purchase a bid package (for example buy 25 bids get 10 free).

      Ultimate Penny Bid is a terrific penny auction site that sells brand new gift cards, home goods, electronics, toys and more for a fraction of retail price. Take advantage of the promotion today! Purchase 20 bids for $14 and get 10 bids free only on Penny Auction Promo (click to buy discounted bids).

      Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      Bid Back Madness Promotion Extended on HappyBidDay

      The promotion "Bid Back Madness" has been extended through July 31st on the penny auction site HappyBidDay. The promotion was originally slated to extend through June 30th but has been extended due to its strong popularity. With the Bid Back Madness promotion each bid that you place on a regular 1 cent auction, you will receive a free happy bid in your account. Thus, if you spend 50 bids on an auction you will receive 50 free bids. The free bids will be added to your account once the auction in complete. Keep in mind though that free bids can only be used on Happy Auctions. 

      To determine which auction is a Happy Auction look for this logo:

      On Happy Bid Day you always are bidding on brand new top of the line products. The regular one cent auctions usually sell electronics, gift cards, jewelry, video games, media devices and home goods. Happy Auctions usually feature bid packs, smaller electronics, DVDs and gift cards.

      Now is a good time to start playing on Happy Bid Day. If you haven't registered already do so now. All new customers receive 50 free bids on registration. With that many free bids it is definitely worth your time. Most penny auction sites like Quibids, BidCactus, and BidRivals only offer 10 free bids at sign up. Take advantage of this great promotion and join Happy Bid Day now!

      Tuesday, June 28, 2011

      Bid66 Temporarily Closed For Construction

      The popular penny auction site will be temporarily closed for 4-6 weeks. The site is temporarily shutting down so that it can transition to a new server and new script. This is very exciting for Bid66 users as the site will be bigger and better. Bid66 will have longer operation hours and will have a clean fresh look. The new Bid66 will incorporate features similar to favorite penny auction sites like Quibids and BidRivals. Bid66 will also open to more countries including countries in Europe.

      Current customers need not worry as all items sold at Bid66 will be shipped and all bids currently in customer's bid banks will be transferred to the new Bid66 site. If you have any questions please contact customer service at 1-800-692-0466.

      While you are waiting for Bid66 to reopen I recommend you try some new penny auction sites that offer cheap bids. Today only you can purchase 25 bids for just $5 for at Penny Auction Promo (click to activiate).

      Friday, June 24, 2011

      25 bids for $5 on PAC for OogleBids Plus 5 free With Coupon Code

      Today only the new penny auction site OogleBids is being featured on Penny Auction Coupon. The promotion lasts until midnight pacific standard time. On Penny Auction Copon (click to purchase) you can buy 25 bids for just $5. Also, when you register at OogleBids use the coupon code OBBIDPENNY for 5 additional free bids. Hurry the penny auction coupon sale is today only. The coupon exclusive to the Bid Penny will expire on August 30th.

      Tuesday, June 21, 2011

      Discounted UltimatePennyBid on Penny Auction Promo Today

      There is only a little under 7 hours left to purchase discounted penny auction bids for UltimatePennyBid on Penny Auction Promo (click to purchase) today. Recently we have seen UltimatePennyBids on PAC but I haven't seen them on PAP for months. The promotion is for 10 free bids if you purchase 20 bids at only $14. UltimatePennyBid is a favorite among penny auction customers because the site sells good products and has reasonable win limits.

      Penny Site OogleBids Offers Great Vaction Package Auctions and More

      OogleBids is revolutionizing the way we look at penny auctions. They have a different business model than most penny sites. has the same features of a big penny auctions sites like Quibids, BidRivals and BidCactus including: Buy It Now, Bid Butlers and Beginner / Rookie Auctions. However, unlike the large penny auction sites, OogleBids sells vacation packages along with gift cards, home goods, jewelry and electronics.

      Today OogleBids is auctioning a trip to Disneyland. This is every child's dream! The vacation package has a value of $4,200 and includes 4 - 4 day hopper park passes and a 4 night stay at the Disneyland hotel. The auction ends in  17 hours so check it out and bid. Use the coupon below to increase your chances!

      I have a coupon code for OogleBids specially made for Bid Penny readers. The coupon code is for new customers only and is worth 5 fee bids at registration. New users receive 2 free bids but with the promotion code OBBIDPENNY you will receive 5 additional bids.

      Sunday, June 19, 2011

      Seat Auctions Now on SavvyBidding has some great penny auction news! They will now be hosting Seat Auctions. For those unfamiliar to Seat Auctions, these auctions have an entrance fee. Any bidder that wants to participate in these special auctions must reserve a seat through a small fee. However, through paying an upfront fee, the only fees a user will incur is the cost of the seat to join the auction. Players do not pay per bid placed. The winner of the auction will also pay the price of the auction when the auction is complete.

      Seat Auctions eliminate some of the problems you'll find on other penny auction sites like Quibids. Seat Auctions eliminate power bidding and jumping as you are not paying for your bids. SavvyBidding also states that these auctions will provide their customers a discount of 80% or more off retail prices! One final reason to participate in Seat Auctions is express shipping. SavvyBidding promises express shipping on every item sold in their Seat Auctions. 

      Seat Auctions are not new to the online bidding industry. However, not every auction site uses them. Quibids, BidRivals, PointNBid and Bid66 to name a few do not have Seat Auctions. Bids2Rescue, CarmaBid and BidHere all offer pay per seat auctions.

      Tuesday, June 14, 2011

      Bid-Back Madness is Back at HappyBidDay

      After having a taste of Bid Back Madness earlier this year, I was very excited to learn that Bid Back Madness is returning to HappyBidDay tomorrow (June 15, 2011). This promotion only is in effect June 15th - June 30th, so make sure and take advantage of this terrific penny auction promotion. HappyBidDay has some of the best penny auction promotions. This promotion rivals any promotion by their competitors including Quibids, BidRivals, and BidCactus. With the Bid Back Madness promotion all bids used on the traditional auctions will  be returned to you win or lose through "Free Bids".

      Below are the details of the promotion:
      • Each purchased bid placed in HappyBidDay's one-cent auction will be reimbursed  with one bid in your free bid account. (For example, if you spend 50 bids in a 1 cent auction, you will be credited 50 free bids whether you win or lose).
      •  Free bids will be deposited into your account at the end of the HappyBidDay auction
      • Please note that "Free Bids" can only be used in Happy Auctions. Happy Auctions are reserved for bid pack auctions, small electronics and gift cards.
      For more questions on this penny auction promotion, visit

        Monday, June 13, 2011

        50 Free Bids at

        Want free bids? Well Happy Bid Day is the place for great penny auction deals. For the month of June HappyBidDay is running a "Double Your Bids" promotion. If you purchase a 50 bid package you will receive 50 free HappyBidDay bids. Wow!!!! To activiate this deal just use the coupon code: JUNE50 (click to activate).

        ScoreLuxe Out of Business - Acquired by

        I am sad to announce that is out of business and has been acquired by ScoreLuxe was one of my favorite penny auction sites. It offered luxury items such as Coach Handbags, Nordstrom gift cards and perfume. has purchased all of the customer contacts from ScoreLuxe. This is pretty common for the penny auction industry. The accounts at ScoreLuxe have been transferred including the user name and password. In order to access your ScoreLuxe account on NailBidder you must log in and reset your password. NailBidder also will transfer remaining bids that you had at ScoreLuxe one for one. Thus, if you had 50 bids in your ScoreLuxe account you will receive 50 bids in a new NailBidder account.

        There are a few perks to NailBidder that were not available at
        • All Items are Guaranteed In-Stock
        • If a Bid is placed in the last 20 seconds our clocks RESET back to only 20 seconds, they do NOT add an additional 20 seconds for each bid
        • Free Shipping
        • All wins can be traded for PayPal, Gift Card or More Bids! Click the item image for more details
        • Daily, Weekly and Monthly win limits
        • Rusty's Premier Club - 10% off all bid pack purchases
        • Two auto bidders, the Nail Clipper and Sledge Hammer*
        If you have not received an item from ScoreLuxe you can contact them at:
        For additional questions relating to NailBidder please contact:

        Sunday, June 12, 2011

        Free Penny Auction Bids on OrangeBidz Tomorrow

        Tomorrow (June 13, 2011) will be giving away free bids! Below is the promotion information:

        • All registered users will receive 4 free bids just for singing in. 
        • New users will receive 5 free bids at registration (normally just 2 bids). Make sure to stop on by and collect your free bids at OrangeBidz. 
        • OrangeBidz is also featuring a "Everybody Wins" auction. On an "Everybody Wins" auction on OrangeBidz every bidder, winner or loser, receives their bids back. There is no reason why not to bid on these auctions. 
         Check out tomorrow for electronics, gold bars, gift cards and home item auctions!

          Friday, June 10, 2011

          PennyAuctionCoupon Update

          Hurry there are only 12 more hours to purchase your discounted bid package for UltimatePennyBid from PennyAuctionCoupon. For today only PennyAuctionCoupon is selling 25 bids for $6 that can be used at the penny auction site UltimatePennyBid. Purchase your bid package now as the sale ends today.

          Wednesday, June 8, 2011

          How to Win on HappyBidDay - Penny Auction Strategies

          The penny auction site HappyBidDay is a great penny auction site with fantastic deals. But how do you win? Every penny auction site is different and thus you should have a different winning strategy at every different penny auction site. Happy Bid Day is growing in popularity but still does not have a massive customer base. For that reason, it is still relatively easy to win at HappyBidDay. Below are some winning tips for Happy Bid Day.

          Maximize your bids:
          You can maximize your chances of winning by taking advantage of free bids and coupon codes. Happy Bid Day currently has multiple coupon codes. If you are a new customer use the code HAPPY (click to activate) to receive 20% off your first bid pack purchase. If you are a returning customer you can use the coupon code 30PERCENT (click to activate) for 30% off the purchase of a 100 bid package. Happy Bid Day also gives more bids than any other penny auction site at registration. You will receive 50 free bids when you register. This is more bids than at Quibids, BidCactus, Bid66 and Pointnbid combined.

          Don't Bid During Peak Time:
          Your competition is greater and thus you have a lower opportunity of winning when you bid at peak time. The peak time at HappyBidDay is in the evening and late evening. This logically makes sense that people will be bidding at night when they return from work and in the late evening hours when they have free time. The best time to bid is early in the morning when people are getting ready for work.

          Bid On Items that Give Back:
          Like Quibids, HappyBidDay has some awesome auctions that feature a brand new item and free bids. They typically auction a gift card along with additional free bids. These are Win-Win auctions. If you win not only do you get a great brand new prize but you also get free bids that can be used on other auctions. You can use your free bids to win even more great products.

          Understand your competition:
          Unlike most penny auction sites, Happy Bid Day starts their auctions at different monetary values. Most penny auctions start the bidding at $0. At HappyBidDay the starting price varies, but it is usually $1. Thus, if you see an auction currently at $1.01 there is only 1 bid on that auction. Don't shy from auctions thinking that there are already 101 bids on an auction of $1.01. Like I've mentioned in my other blog posts, the best advice I have is to research the penny auction site before bidding.

          New BidCactus Coupon Code

          BidCactus just released a new coupon code for June 2011.  The code is K2T8BC and is valid for $10 off your first winning auction. Unfortunately this coupon is only good for an account's first winning auction. If you have already won on BidCactus you cannot use this coupon.

          For those new to, BidCactus is one of the original penny auction sites. They auction gift cards, home products, beauty products, electronics, entertainment and more. You can also read more at my  BidCactus Review.

          Sunday, June 5, 2011

          Does Quibids Make Millions?

          When you think of the most profitable penny auction site, you probably think about Quibids. Quibids is the largest penny auction site on the internet today. But is it the most profitable one? Honestly, the most profitable penny auction sites are the penny auction sites that truly are scams. The dishonest penny auction sites are the ones the use bots and don't ship the customers products. These sites do not stay around long so short term they might be profitable but sooner or later people realize the penny auction site is a scam and the site closes down running away with peoples money.

          But lets get back to Quibids. The site sells a $50 gift card for only $3.50. That is 350 bids at $0.60 each. Thus, Quibids is making $160 off of that one auction ((350*$0.60) - $50 = $160). So it might seem that Quibids is making millions of dollars. However, in an article posted on the company begs to differ. Quibids says that they make a net profit margin of 5-10% every day. This is not much more than major retailers like Wal-Mart that reported a 3.5% profit margin in 2010.

          One thing that customers ignore when roughly calculating Quibid's profits is the buy-it-now option on Quibids. Buy-It-Now allows customers to apply the amount that they spent on bids on an auction towards buying the item at full retail price. When a customer chooses buy-it-now, Quibids does not make a profit off that person's bids. The Buy-It-Now price is just slightly above the price a person would purchase the profit off of Amazon. Quibids is probably only making 1% profit on each item sold via buy-it-now.

          Quibids also reports to loose money on 50% of their auctions every day. The money that they make on profitable auctions helps pay for the money lost on the non-profitable auctions. Another fact that customers seem to forget is that cost to run a business. Quibids must pay rent for their office space, pay salaries, office supplies, marketing fees and more.

          Quibids is still a very profitable company and I definitely wouldn't mind making the money they make. However, they are not as profitable as they seem. Quibids being the most popular penny auction site, think about the profitability of other smaller penny auction sites like Happy Bid Day, BidCactus or Biduh these sites might not be making as much money as it might seem.

          Thursday, June 2, 2011

          Bid66 - The best place for summer gear

 auctions the biggest and best products. No other site can compare. At Bid66, they don't auction items valued at only $25. The majority of their auctions have a retail value of $500 or more. Summer is the best time to bid on Bid66 because they are currently having terrific deals and amazing items. This summer Bid66 is auctioning:
          • Lawn Mowers ($7.17)
          • Patio Sets ($2.92)
          • Grills ($6.01)
          • Little Tikes Play Houses ($1.41)
          • Above Ground Pools ($2.18)
          • Porch Swings ($16.01)
          • Backyard Sandboxes ($1.37)
          Hurry and use the coupon code PARTY for 10 free bids on Bid66.

          Wednesday, June 1, 2011

          New Penny Auction Coupon Code for RockDawg

          For all those who like getting free penny auction coupon codes, listen up. I've got a new coupon code. The coupon code is RD52 and is worth 10 free bids. This promotion code can only be used by new users to the RockDawg site. To enter the coupon code just click "Redeem Awards" once you have logged into your account. Then just enter the coupon code RD52 and you will receive  your 10 free bids.

          Today RockDawg is auctioning gift cards, a sewing machine, bid packages and electronics. For even more free bids check out RockDawg's Promotions page. On the Promotions page you will see that you can earn 5 free bids for a friend referral and 15 free bids for a video testimonial. For any questions regarding auctions or this promotion code contact RockDawg.

          Tuesday, May 31, 2011

          Ultimate Penny Bid on PAC Today Only

          UltimatePennyBid is running a promotion on PennyAuctionCoupon for today only! On PAC you can purchase 25 bids for only $6!!!! This is a huge discount of 73%. Don't miss this opportunity! Offer ends at midnight CST. Today UltimatePennyBid is selling gift cards, iPad, TV sets, jewelry, Nintendo DSi, eReaders and more!

          Monday, May 30, 2011

          Get All Your Bids Back on Beezid

          Today only will be hosting a huge Memorial Day
          penny auction promotion. The promotion ends on Monday May 
          30th at 8:59 PM EST. The promotion is a free bid promotion! 
          Below are the details:

          EVERY BID placed on any auction will be returned to your account 
          as soon as the auction ends, whether you win or not. Now that's  

          If you've seen this before, you know it doesn't stop there - We are also
          enforcing a price cap to ensure that all winners are GUARANTEED SAVINGS
          OF 75-99% OFF!
          Want more? OK! From Tuesday, May 31st at 12AM EDT until 8AM EDT
          we're also adding an exclusive Early Bird Special, giving back all the bids 
          to anyone who wins any auction during this period.
          That's right, it's winner take all!
          Don't worry! There's still time to change your plans and make your 
          way to Beezid for this memorable event. Make sure you use offer code  
          MEMORIAL to get 2 for 1 when you buy your next Bid Pack and get
          between 30-500 EXTRA BIDS FREE!

          Thursday, May 26, 2011

          Memorial Day Coupon Code for

          Bid66 is celebrating Memorial Day with a great coupon code. Use the coupon code: PARTY for 10 free bids at However, hurry and use this coupon this weekend because the promotional code expires at Midnight EST on May 31st.

          Bid66 is having some awesome Memorial Day auctions this weekend. The penny auction site is auctioning a lawn mower, hammock, kids toys, patio sets, camping gear and more. Everything that you'll need to enjoy this summer can be found at Bid66.

          New Coupon Code - 50% Free Bids at HappyBidDay - 50 Free Bids

          Some of the best sales occur on Memorial Day weekend and HappyBidDay is celebrating with one mega coupon. The coupon code is valid on the purchase of a 100 bid package. If you enter the code MEMORIALDAY when you purchase a 100 bid package you will receive 50 free bids. 

          Hurry this Memorial Day promotion expires at Midnight EST Tuesday May 31st. There is also a limit of just one bonus offer code per account.

           HappyBidDay is currently auctioning eReaders, gift cards, cook ware, jewelry, iPads, laptop computers, electronic accessories, Wii consoles and more. 

          To visit Happy Bid Day click here.

          Tuesday, May 24, 2011

          Birthday Slam - Because Everyone Deserves Something Free on Their Birthday

          Who doesn't enjoy getting free stuff on their birthday? Your birthday happens just once a year and you should make a big deal out of it. The site believes that everyone should get a gift on their birthday. will hook you up with great gifts on your birthday such as: a free ice cream cone, free ticket to a show, free music lesson, free hair products and more. Did I mention free? The only information BirthdaySlam needs is your name, birthday, email and zip code. You don't need to give credit card information or your address because everything is free. BirthdaySlam is a one stop shop for all your free birthday promotional needs. Don't waste time signing up for multiple birthday clubs. All you need to do is sign up at one place, BirthdaySlam!

          So what's the catch? How can BirthdaySlam give away so many cool birthday gifts? BirthdaySlam receives birthday gifts from local and national businesses as a way to advertise and promote their products. Businesses love working with BirthdaySlam because it is simple way to get their name out there. BirthdaySlam just has one rule, you can only redeem your gift on your birthday. Makes sense right? No peaking at your presents and no belated birthday presents either! Finally you can get a birthday gift on your actual birthday. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate your birthday with BirthdaySlam!

          If you are a business owner and want to join in the celebration just contact BirthdaySlam and join the party!

          Sunday, May 22, 2011

          Ridiculously HUGE promotion on OrangeBidz today!

          There is no other way to describe the promotion on today other than ridiculously huge! The promotion lasts today only, May 22nd 2011. 

          Below are some details:

          All users that log in will get 3 free bids just for stopping by.

          A new user that registers will get 10 free bids. (normally 2) limit one account per house hold.

          For the very first time OrangeBidz is offering a "Second Chance Bid Pack"

          Today when you buy a 100 Bid Pack you are automatically
          enrolled in our second chance offer!

          If you use all 100 bids by Sunday 5/29 and do not win any,
          auctions Orange will replenish your bid pack ONE time for free! 

          All bids placed after purchase will count towards your second chance bids
          regardless of your current bid balance, or bids purchased after.

          * Limit of ONE Second Chance Bid Pack per user


          We are offering a $25 Discount on 200 Bid Packs.

          Here are some amazing deals that took place recently on

          Yesterday new user royalosaze won a Wii Console with only 62 bids.

          twofar2quit won a 35 Olive Garden Gift Card with 1 bid.

          iPod nano  - $1.25

          Apple TV - $0.03 ( Idontbackdown with 1 bid!)

          $50 Best Buy Gift Card - $0.05   (WillNotStopBidn with 1 bid)

          2011 American Eagle - $0.21

          Amazon Kindle Graphite $0.39 (16 bids)

          $50 Walmart - $0.59

          Apple iPod Touch - $1.96

          Nintendo 3DS  - $0.07

          Xbox 360 -$ 0.60

          Statue of Liberty Gold Bar - $0.05

          Saturday, May 21, 2011

          Free Shipping on Gift Cards at Happy Bid Day

          This weekend only Happy Bid Day is offering free shipping on all gift cards. HappyBidDay is currently auctioning the following gift cards: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Texaco and numerous restaurants. Take advantage of this penny auction promotion now as it ends on Sunday.

          Wednesday, May 18, 2011

          Ultimate Penny Bid on Penny Auction Promo Today Only!

          Ultimate Penny Bid is being featured on Penny Auction Promo today only. UltimatePennyBid is selling bids at a great discount today. On PAP you can purchase 20 bids for $14 and get 10 bids free! This is a great promotion. 

          UltimatePennyBid sells gift cards, electronics, Apple products, media items and more. They have several different auction types including Featured Penny Auctions, Extra Auctions, Random Auctions and Mystery Auctions.
          Penny Auction Promo is selling UltimatePennyBid discounted bid packs for today only. Hurry and buy your bids now.

          Monday, May 16, 2011

          New Products at on Penny Auction Site - HappyBidDay

          There are some new products being auctioned on HappyBidDay that are quite noteworthy. The first kind of new auction are $25 gift card (you choose it) with 50 bids. I think its almost ironic that Happy Bid Day is starting this type of auction because I just wrote a blog post about the Quibids "You Choose It" auctions. These are my favorite type of auctions on Quibids and probably will now be my favorite auctions on 

          There are several other types of new items that are coming to Happy Bid Day this week. Below is a list of the new products:
          • 4 Piece Luggage Set
          • Zenithink 10-inch Android Tablet
          • Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (LOVE IT!!)
          • Callaway HX Golf Balls Plus 30 Bids (perfect for summer)
          • Archos 35 Vision 8 GB MP3/Video Player
          If you are interest in any of the above auctions just visit Happy Bid Day to purchase bids.

          Saturday, May 14, 2011

          New Bid66 Coupon Code - May and June 2011

          /I finally have a new coupon code for the month of May and June 2011. I was so excited to get this because I have not received a Bid66 coupon code for several months.

          The coupon code is worth 5 free bids and can be used by any user (old and new) on Bid66. The promo code is: SUMMERS

          This code can be used between now and June 30th 2011. Check out Bid66 and use your 5 free bids. If you haven't used Bid66 before, it's an awesome site! They have some of the biggest auctions I have ever seen and they are always auctioning several products a night. Most of their products have a retail value of over $300.

          Hurry use your coupon code before it expires!

          Friday, May 13, 2011

          May 2011 Quibids Coupon vs. Happy Bid Day Coupon

          There have been a lot of penny auction coupons this year and some have rivaled others. I have seen coupons for as much as 50% off bid packages and coupons for 30 free bids. But what kind of bid coupon is better? A % off discount or free bids?

          Currently Quibids has a new coupon code: WINTODAY. This coupon code is worth 10 free bids and is for new customers. At Quibids a starter bid package is $60 for 100 bids ($0.60 a bid). With the Quibids coupon WINTODAY you will receive 10 free bids, making a total of 110 bids for $60 ($0.55 a bid).

          Happy Bid Day also has a new coupon for their brand new customers. Their coupon is HAPPY and is for a 20% discount on the customers 1st bid package purchase. At HappyBidDay a starter bid package is $48 for 80 bids ($0.60 a bid). With a 20% discount you will only pay $38.40 for 80 bids ($0.48 a bid). 

          Thus, the coupon code at Happy Bid Day for 20% off is actually a better deal than the Quibids coupon code. The Quibids coupon code makes bids $0.55 each (a 5 cent discount) and the HappyBidDay coupon code makes bids $0.48 cents each (a 12 cent discount). Kind of interesting!

          Make sure and use your Quibids and HappyBidDay coupon codes soon before they expire!

          Great Savings on Bids at Penny Auction Coupon and Promo Today

          PennyAuctionCoupon and PennyAuctionPromo are having great deals today. I try to save my posts about PAC and PAP to only the great promotions and I feel today's deals are good enough to share. 

          Today on PennyAuctionCoupon is being featured. PAC is selling 25 bids for $6. Already 43 bid packages have been sold! SpeedyFinger auctions Apple products, electronics, gift cards, NetFlix memberships, bid packages and more. 

          Hurry this deal ends in 10 hours so visit PennyAuctionCoupon now.

          Thursday, May 12, 2011

          New Bid66 Coupon Code - 5 Free Bids

          I just received a new coupon code for

          Bid66 has not had a new coupon code for a couple of months so I was very happy to see this coupon code. 
          The coupon code is: SUMMERS and is worth 5 free bids. Hurry, the coupon code expires on June 31st 2011. The code can be used by current and new customers of Bid66.

          Tuesday, May 10, 2011

          The Best Auction on Quibids - "You Choose It"

          I love shopping on They are the biggest and one of the best penny auction sites out there. One thing that makes them so great is they have thousands of auctions each day. They also have thousands of customers, which makes competition more fierce, but also more fun. Quibids has always been a trustworthy site and is definitely not a scam. All you need to do is watch their site for 5 minutes to realize that they have real customers bidding and no bots.

          I wanted to write a blog post featuring my favorite auction on Quibids. On Quibids I like to bid big and bid small. It depends on the mood I am in. However, I tend to bid on smaller items more often. My favorite auctions are the "You choose it" gift cards. Most of the "You choose it" auctions even include free bids. For example, Qubids will give you 10 free bids with a $10 gift card, or you can get 25 free bids on Quibids with a $25 gift card. This brings a new meaning to a "win-win" situation. If you win the auction you also get an opportunity to win again. The "You choose it" gift cards currently offer a selection of: Wal-Mart, AMC, Bass Pro Shops, CVS, Home Depot and Target. Quibids also has "You Choose It" auctions for video games, DVDs and more. I LOVE it!!! If you haven't won a "You Choose It" auction on Quibids yet, you've got to try. You won't be disappointed.
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