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Friday, July 22, 2011

Maximizing your win on penny auctions

Online penny auctions advertise great discounts at up to 90% off. The Quibids commercial features new TVs and laptops sold for under $20. However, one thing you should factor in to any auction is the shipping cost. Some penny auction sites offer free shipping where other sites make a huge profit on their high shipping costs. Most young and old penny auction sites still use Amazon as their drop shipper. The sites take advantage of the free super saver shipping and pocket the shipping amount that they receive from the customer. No all sites make a profit off of shipping. The auction site Bid66 has free shipping on every item it sells including large items like patio sets, pools and appliances. On the other hand the penny auction site PointnBid used to charge $10.00 for shipping on a gift card. Luckily they have now lowered their shipping prices and only charge $2.00.

Quibids has very reasonable shipping costs. The shipping cost increases as the value and the size increases. Before you bid on an auction make sure and check the shipping cost. The postage cost for a gift card on Quibids is $1.99 and the cost of juice processor is $12.99. The cost can help you determine how much money you should spend on bids and the dollar amount you should pay for the item. Most sites post the shipping costs on the auction detail. You must click on the auction to view the description of the item and the shipping amount.
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