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Saturday, January 15, 2011

PickleBid Set To Relauch Next Saturday

PickleBid is set to relaunch next Saturday, January 22nd. The first auction will start on the 22nd; however, you can now purchase 25 bids for just $15.00. Also, PickleBid offers new customers 3 free bids upon registration. This penny auction site is under new ownership and promises to offer a fun and exciting bidding experience. 

PickleBid also has a variety of auctions. Their site offers the original penny auction, beginner auctions, blind auctions, reserve auctions, buyer auctions, and buy it now. I'm very happy to see that they have buy it now! 

10 Free Bids at Bids4LessStore

Here's a new coupon code for Using the promotion code 1011511 you will receive 10 free bids when you purchase 25 bids!

Click HERE to redeem the coupon code at

BidCactus Promotion January 15th and 16th

BidCactus is having a great First Timer Bonus promotion for today and tomorrow only. The promotion is for $3.00 off your first purchase of bids (minimum 50 bidpack). This is for new customers only! Use the coupon code: 3E73-7KTX 
Hurry this promotion expires at Midnight on Sunday January 16th 2011. 
To visit please click HERE sells Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

A couple weeks ago sold Justin Bieber Concert tickets. I love because they sell unique products. Most penny auction sites will sell concert tickets here and there and RagingBid is one of them. The tickets were valued at $725.00 and sold for $12.52. The tickets were to any of Justin Biebers concerts across America. I hope RagingBid and other penny sites continue to sell concert tickets. 

Bid66 Promotional Code for January 2011

I have a new promotional code for January 2011. The code is Jan10

If you enter the coupon code Jan10 at you will receive 10 free bids! 

Enter this coupon code visit HERE

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky Chic - A Penny Auction Site for Girls!!!

I just came across a new penny auction site that I LOVE!!!! It is one of the few penny auction sites that cater to women.  It is called It is terrific!!!! Bids are just $0.60 each (or less if you buy larger bid packs). They are a penny auction website that auctions designer purses, clothing, and accessories. One thing that makes LuckyChic slightly different from other penny auction websites is that when you bid on LuckChic's products the price increases by $0.10 rather than one penny. I am seeing this more and more with newer penny auction sites.

To visit please click HERE.

Updated Coupon Codes

Click on the penny auction site links and enter the coupon codes to receive the discounts below.
Site: Bid2Free
Coupon: 5 free bonus bids
Coupon Code: BID5

Site: Bid66
Coupon: complementary bids for testimonials
• For a Video Testimonial, 75 free bids.
• For a Picture Testimonial, 50 free bids.
• For Written Testimonial, 25 free bids.
Coupon Code: BIDP ---20 free bids
Coupon Code: WELCOME -- 10 free bids

Site: Bidash
Coupon: 5 free bids if register through
Coupon Code: facebook5

Site: BidCactus
Coupon: $10.00 off your first winning auction item (excludes bid packs)
Coupon Code: K2T8BC

Site: BidCactus
Coupon: 20 free bids. Expires 12/24/2010
Coupon Code: TNER-FR7W

Site: BidHere
Coupon: 10 Free Bids
Coupon Code: GOPROMO10

Site: BidsMaster
Coupon: 3 free bids at registration
Coupon Code: N/A

Site: BidsOMax
Coupon: Refer a friend and earn 5% commission on bids purchased by that person for life
*Visit to refer a friend

Site: BidRivals
Coupon: 12 free bids
Coupon Code: bidpenny12

Site: BidRivals
Coupon: 1 free bid at sign up, 5 free bids with purchase
Coupon Code: snap5

Site: BidsTick
Coupon: 5% discount
Coupon Code: 5percentoff2010

Site: Biduh
Coupon: 15 free bids
Coupon Code: BIDPENNY

Site: FeelTheBid
Coupon: 5 free bids on your first bid pack purchase
Coupon Code: mtc81

Site: LuckyBossBids
  • Coupon: 7 free bids with bid pack purchase
 Coupon Code: FREE7
  • Coupon: 20 free bids with a purchase of a bid pack $50 or more
Coupon Code: FREE20
Site: MadBid
Coupon: 5 free bids
Coupon Code: madtv3

Site: MidPenny
Coupon: 15% off bid packages
Coupon Code: 501EBCAA-18BE-5910-D454-666D7D8A38B8
Site: oohilove
Coupon: 5% discount

Coupon: Additional 5% bids
Coupon Code: summer
Site: Quibids
Coupon: 10 free bids
Coupon Code: winbig

Site: Quick2Bid
Coupon: 5 free bids at registration
Coupon Code:Q2B001

Site: Rockybid
Coupon: 15% off your first bid package
Coupon Code: RockyMelt15

Site: Rockybid
Coupon: 4 free bids with purchase of a bid package
Coupon Code: GGL9
Site: SellMoo
Coupon: 10 free bids on registration
Coupon Code: welcome123

Site: SellMoo
Coupon: 10% free bids
Coupon Code: facebook

Site: Swoopo
Coupon: $20.00 off your first Swoopo win
Coupon Code: dealtaker02
Expires: 10/10/10

Site: Swoopo
Coupon: $10.00 credit upon registration
*New customers only, must enter code when completing registration
Coupon Code: PJAM
Expires: 5/4/11

Coupon: 3 free bids
Coupon Code: BIDPENNY0111

Site: YuzzIt
Coupon: 20%
Coupon Code: friends

Biduh Coupon Code has provided me a coupon code specific to this penny auction blog. The coupon code is BIDPENNY. This promotion code can be redeemed for 15 free bids! Also, when you register at you will receive an additional 5 free bids. What a great value!

Visit by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bidz - Jewlery Auction Site

I came across a site that is new to me and might be new to some of you too. It's called At first I thought it was a penny auction site, but then I realized it was a little different. It sells only jewelry. Also, each time someone bids, the price of the item goes  up one dollar, not just one penny. This makes sense because jewelry is so much more valuable than a Wii system or something else sold on your typical penny auction site. However, like most penny auction sites, Bidz does have auto bidders and other features that make shopping easy. 

For more information visit

BidCactus Promotion!!! $10 Off Your First Winning Auction

For the month of January is having a great promotion for new bidders. Use the coupon code K2T8BC for $10 off your first winning auction. This is a great deal for new customers at BidCactus. Hurry because the coupon code expires on January 27th. 

To visit click HERE.

Visit my blog later this week for more penny auction promotions and coupon codes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another BidRivals Coupon Code

I just found another BidRivals coupon code, but this coupon code is worth 10 free bids. Use the coupon code: Great10 for 10 free bids when you sign up.

To use this coupon at click HERE.

Monday, January 10, 2011

BidRivals Coupon

Fans of the penny auction site, BidRivals, can use the coupon code SNAP5 for 1 free bid at sign up and 5 free bids with the purchase of your first bid pack, a total of 6 free bids. View the coupon tab on my blog for more penny auction coupon codes.

To use this coupon at click HERE.

Ultimate Penny Bid Promotional Code

Use the coupon code BIDPENNY0111 at Ultimate Penny Bid's penny auction website for 3 free bids. Visit by clicking HERE. You can also receive 10 free bids at registration. That is a total of 13 free bids for new customers using the coupon code above!

Ultimate Penny Bid is open daily from 7pm - 11pm EST. also offers Mystery Auctions which start at 5-40% off retail price. Each bid on a mystery auction reveals the items price and lowers the item price by fifty cents. You can purchase the item when the price is revealed at any moment. The Mystery Auctions are my favorite auctions at 

Return to my penny auction blog later this week for more coupon codes.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's Going On With BidRodeo?

BidRodeo for the past week has only had one auction per day and is only auctioning amazon gift cards. This is a little worrisome to me. Is BidRodeo going bankrupt? I contacted BidRodeo and will notify all of you when I receive a reply.  They are one of the bigger penny auction sites. I really hope they do not join my list of closed penny auction sites,

I tried calling BidRodeo's support line (1-888-227-9216) on 1/10/2011 at 1:00pm EST and 1/11/2011 10:00am EST. The support line said it was closed and to call during business hours. However, I did call during business hours. Very strange. It looks like BidRodeo is going out of business.
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