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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Penny Auction Winning Tips

To excel on penny auction sites like Quibids, HappyBidDay, BidRivals, Bid66, Pointnbid and more you need a little bit of luck and strategy. You won't necessarily win your first auction. Penny auctions take some practice. Don't waste a bid on an auction when it has several hours left on the timer. Most bidders wait to bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction. Watch other auctions on the online auction site before you bid on an auction. Take note of the following:
1.) Ending auction price of previous auctions
2.) Number of people bidding
3.) Amount of auctions
4.) Time in your time zone and others

When taking note of the ending auction price of previous auctions look at the recently won auction page. Most penny auctions have a page that displays recently ended auctions. If you have an eye on a particular item see if it is on a winners page and how much the item sold for.  Lets say you are looking to bid on a iPhone. If the iPhone recently was won for $2.35 don't start bidding until the auction is at least $1.50. This will save you some bids.

You can also roughly determine the amount of people on the online auction site if it is a small site. Most sites have about 10 auctions running at a time. Click on each auction and you can see the amount of people bidding. You can take note of the people on the site during different periods of the day. Determine what time of the day there is the least amount of people. The less competition the more likely you are to win. Most penny auction sites have less people from 2 am - 10 am. But also take note of other time zones. 7 pm in the east coast is only 4 pm on the west coast.
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