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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review of the New Bid66 Site

As most of you already know Bid66, the premier penny auction site, has relaunched. I was very excited for the site's relaunch as it is one of my favorite penny auction sites. Just the look of the site has improved drastically. The new site has a clean and fresh look. The old Bid66 site was fairly easy to use, but their new site is even easier. Their old penny auction site sold mostly products but no gift cards. The new site primarily sells gift cards and electronics. To keep consistency the site still offers free shipping but only on the gift cards. Other electronics can be shipped for $5 or $10. As the site is new, there currently is less competition. Take advantage of this! I've seen gift cards sell for $0.04 and a blu-ray player sell for $0.20. As an appreciation for Bid Penny readers, Bid66 has given me a coupon code. Use the promo code: BIDPENNY for 5 free bids on the Bid66 site. New users will also receive 5 free bids at registration. Thus using the coupon code new users will get 10 free bids! This is a $5 value for free on top of all the great gifts you can purchase for just pennies.
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