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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New PointnBid Coupon Code

The Australian based penny auction site has just added coupon codes to their website. I contacted the owner and got a code for BidPenny blog readers. The code is BP15 and is worth 15 free bids with a purchase of any bid package. Please use this coupon code quickly as it expires on Nov. 22nd 2011. This coupon code is just in time for the holidays though. Use the coupon code to get even more savings on your Christmas gifts.

If you are new to PointnBid you can register and receive 1 free bids. Bids are realitively inexpensive on Pointnbid. You can use the BidPenny promo code - BP15 and buy a bid pack of 20 bids for $15 and get 15 bids free!

20 bids = $15.00
50 bids = $37.50
100 bids = $75.00
200 bids = $150.00
500 bids = $375.00
800 bids = $600.00
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