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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quibids - The BIGGEST Penny Auction Site

I was bidding on some auctions on Quibids yesterday when I took a look at the Quibids site's news updates. I saw their ad "There are Over 1,000 Winners Everyday on" Wow, this is just unbelievable. There are over 1,000 people who win on Quibids everyday!!! I don't know if this number includes auction wins only or also buy it now "wins". I don't know if I would count buy-it-now on Quibids as a win, as it is more of a purchase. I talked to a friend who used to do shipping for Quibids and he said that he used to ship over 5,000 items a day for Quibids. Thus, maybe Quibids number includes just auction winners. It looks like the Quibids Lawsuit has no effect on Quibid's sales volume. Their site is still growing steadily and they have kept many loyal customers. Quibids is the largest penny auction site because they have the most products, the most unique items and the best customer service. All products sold on are brand new, never used. Quibids has 24/7 customer service and even has telephone customer service. You can contact Quibids at: (405) 253-2038. They are located in Oklahoma CityOK and are on central time.
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