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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ultimate Penny Bid on Penny Auction Promo

For those who haven't visited Penny Auction Promo today is a great day to do so. For today only the penny auction site UltimatePennyBid is being featured on Penny Auction Promo (PAP). Penny Auction Promo is similar to its sister site Penny Auction Coupon. The both offer discounted bid packages for about 70% retail value. Penny Auction Promo is different from Penny Auction Coupon in the fact that they 1. ) often offer larger bid packages and 2.) usually offer free bids when you purchase a bid package (for example buy 25 bids get 10 free).

Ultimate Penny Bid is a terrific penny auction site that sells brand new gift cards, home goods, electronics, toys and more for a fraction of retail price. Take advantage of the promotion today! Purchase 20 bids for $14 and get 10 bids free only on Penny Auction Promo (click to buy discounted bids).
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