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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seat Auctions Now on SavvyBidding has some great penny auction news! They will now be hosting Seat Auctions. For those unfamiliar to Seat Auctions, these auctions have an entrance fee. Any bidder that wants to participate in these special auctions must reserve a seat through a small fee. However, through paying an upfront fee, the only fees a user will incur is the cost of the seat to join the auction. Players do not pay per bid placed. The winner of the auction will also pay the price of the auction when the auction is complete.

Seat Auctions eliminate some of the problems you'll find on other penny auction sites like Quibids. Seat Auctions eliminate power bidding and jumping as you are not paying for your bids. SavvyBidding also states that these auctions will provide their customers a discount of 80% or more off retail prices! One final reason to participate in Seat Auctions is express shipping. SavvyBidding promises express shipping on every item sold in their Seat Auctions. 

Seat Auctions are not new to the online bidding industry. However, not every auction site uses them. Quibids, BidRivals, PointNBid and Bid66 to name a few do not have Seat Auctions. Bids2Rescue, CarmaBid and BidHere all offer pay per seat auctions.
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