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Friday, May 13, 2011

May 2011 Quibids Coupon vs. Happy Bid Day Coupon

There have been a lot of penny auction coupons this year and some have rivaled others. I have seen coupons for as much as 50% off bid packages and coupons for 30 free bids. But what kind of bid coupon is better? A % off discount or free bids?

Currently Quibids has a new coupon code: WINTODAY. This coupon code is worth 10 free bids and is for new customers. At Quibids a starter bid package is $60 for 100 bids ($0.60 a bid). With the Quibids coupon WINTODAY you will receive 10 free bids, making a total of 110 bids for $60 ($0.55 a bid).

Happy Bid Day also has a new coupon for their brand new customers. Their coupon is HAPPY and is for a 20% discount on the customers 1st bid package purchase. At HappyBidDay a starter bid package is $48 for 80 bids ($0.60 a bid). With a 20% discount you will only pay $38.40 for 80 bids ($0.48 a bid). 

Thus, the coupon code at Happy Bid Day for 20% off is actually a better deal than the Quibids coupon code. The Quibids coupon code makes bids $0.55 each (a 5 cent discount) and the HappyBidDay coupon code makes bids $0.48 cents each (a 12 cent discount). Kind of interesting!

Make sure and use your Quibids and HappyBidDay coupon codes soon before they expire!
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