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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free Penny Auction Bids on OrangeBidz Tomorrow

Tomorrow (June 13, 2011) will be giving away free bids! Below is the promotion information:

  • All registered users will receive 4 free bids just for singing in. 
  • New users will receive 5 free bids at registration (normally just 2 bids). Make sure to stop on by and collect your free bids at OrangeBidz. 
  • OrangeBidz is also featuring a "Everybody Wins" auction. On an "Everybody Wins" auction on OrangeBidz every bidder, winner or loser, receives their bids back. There is no reason why not to bid on these auctions. 
 Check out tomorrow for electronics, gold bars, gift cards and home item auctions!
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