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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Quibids Coupon Code - 2011

Today I was able to use a new coupon code worth 10 free bids. I was VERY excited to use this new Quibids promotion code because Quibids rarely has coupons. The coupon code is: WINTODAY

I saw this new 2011 Quibids coupon code for the month of May on a Quibids tv commercial.  The Quibids coupon code WINTODAY was given at the end of the ad.

Please note, to use this coupon code you must use it only during registration and only when you purchase a bid package of 100 bids. The bid package of 100 bids is $60.00 USD. Thus, you get 110 bids for $60.00. 

For more free bids at Quibids you can also try their Facebook promotions. Quibids runs a daily promotion on their Facebook fan page. If you participate and have the best answer you can win 50 free bids!  The promotions are fun, but also competitive. The Quibids Facebook promotions usually have 200-300 participants each day! 

For money penny auction coupon codes check my Coupons Page. The largest coupon this week is a HappyBidDay Coupon for 15% off.
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