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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are there penny auction sites that offer better deals than Quibids?

Yes. Although Quibids is the biggest penny auction site, it does not necessarily mean its the best. There are other penny auction sites that offer more free bids and give an even greater discount than Quibids.  One of those sites is

Lets do a quick compare and contrast:

Amount of free bids at registration:
HappyBidDay: 30 bids
Quibids: 10 bids

Cost for starter bid pack:
HappyBidDay: 80 bids for $48 and 10 bonus bids ($0.53 each)
Quibids: 100 bids for $60 ($0.60 each)
*Also note the start up price at HappyBidDay is $12 less than

Return policy on most items:
HappyBidDay: 14 days in original packaging
Quibids: no returns

Win Limits:
HappyBidDay: Win limit of 30 a month
Quibids: Win limit of 12 a month

Winning Opportunity:
HappyBidDay: Ratio of people to auctions smaller
Quibids: Ratio of people to auctions larger

Free Bids:
HappyBidDay: Receive 3 free bids for daily login, 20 free bids for referring friends, 50 free bids on your birthday.
Quibids: Can only win free bids on Quibids daily Facebook promotions. But must compete with 100-250 people each day. You can also get 25 free bids for referring a friend.

Auction Types:
HappyBidDay: Offers "100% Off Auctions" where winner does not pay final price of auction
Quibids: Does not have "100% Off Auctions"

As you can see in my compare and contrast between Quibids and, there are penny auction sites that offer better deals than Quibids. So what are you waiting for? Register at and see for yourself. 
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