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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anyone buying bids on PAC or PAP?

If you are an avid penny auction fan, then you probably have heard of Penny Auction Coupon (PAC) and Penny Auction Promo (PAP). Both of the sites are owned and operated by their owner in Canada. Penny Auction Coupon sells bid packages that the site calls "coupons." As of today the site has sold 7,012 coupons. Penny Auction Promo also sells bid packages and has sold 2,312 coupons. That is a lot of bid packs. Especially considering they make a $2 commission on each one.  

PAC and PAP have had a lot of sales since their business opened last year. Recently though, I have sensed a slowing in their sales. Today for example, each site has received <10 sales and the day is almost over. So what is happening?

I like  Penny Auction Coupon and Penny Auction Promo because you can purchase bid packages at discounts anywhere between 60-80% off. If you couple that discount with discounts that you might receive on the penny auction site, this is huge! The only problem I have with PAC and PAP right now is that it they seem to have the same penny auction sites on promotion over and over again. They do only allow one penny auction company to be featured on their site each day. However, I feel that I see the same companies over and over again. Usually it is new penny auction websites looking to gain business. That is fine, I love to try new sites. However, I would also like to see some of the bigger sites like Quibids, BidRivals, OohILove, and more on their site. I always seem to see CatchBids, Bidzeez, 321BidFire and other smaller penny auction sites featured on PAC or PAP. 

One reason PAC and PAP might seem repetitive is that usually PAC will feature one penny auction on Penny Auction Coupon and then about 5 days later that same site will be featured on Penny Auction Promo. 

To purchase bids on Penny Auction Coupon please click the link below:

To purchase bids on Penny Auction Promo please click the link below:
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