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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spend Less Bids and Win More on Quibids Using

I am always looking for a competitive edge on the world's largest penny auction site Quibids. More often than not I spend several bids on a Quibids auction and the auction is won by another bidder. There are theories and penny auction strategies that I have shared on BidPenny. However, a theory and strategy can only get you so far, especially with no data to confirm your theories. The website is a HUGE aid to help bidders spend less bids and win more often on Quibids. 

Registered users of are given access to auction databases. Some of the data provided includes:
  • Best time of day and day of week to bid on Quibids (item specific)
  • Auction ending prices of particular auctions
  • Minimum and maximum sales price by product
  • List of the easiest and hardest items to win
  • Price point strategy using percentage quartiles
  • Average auction ending price by day and by hour

      The data used on QuibidsReport is updated several times a week. The QuibidsReport interface is very easy to use. Each auction is listed in alphabetical order. All you have to do is find the item you want stats on and BOOM you have statistical data to back up your Quibids winning strategies. QuibidsReport's auction descriptions give auction ending price data in easy to read graphs and data tables. The graphs make it easy to visually see the peak times to bid and the best auction price. I had to try QuibidsReport's stats for myself. I really enjoy the stats regarding the auction's average auction ending price by item. This helped me determine when I should start bidding on a particular auction. I choose an item that was recently ending on Quibids and I bid using their straddle method and won the auction in only 3 bids!

      To join all you need to do is register. Registration is just $6.99 a month. If you are not satisfied with your results you can cancel your subscription at any time.
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