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Thursday, December 23, 2010 Promises Minimum Savings of 75% Off Retail

Penny auction trendsetter is following up successful promotions to celebrate their first anniversary and Black Friday even bigger savings. For the first time ever, users get back every bid placed and a guaranteed savings of 75% off on December 29th for “Beezid's Holiday Blast”. Lincoln, DE (PRWEB) December 23, 2010 Penny auction trendsetter is following up successful promotions to celebrate their first anniversary and Black Friday “save 50-99% off retail and get your bids back” promotion with an even bigger event on December 29th for “Beezid's Holiday Blast”.

Instead of guaranteeing a mere 50% off retail, Beezid has taken the unprecedented step of guaranteeing their users save from 75-99% off retail for every auction during the 24 hours of December 29th. For the 24 hours of December 29th, beginning at midnight and continuing until 11:59 pm EDT, users will get back each and every bid they place, win or lose. To ensure that the inevitable higher bid total doesn't drive prices up too high, Beezid guarantees that each item will sell for no more than 75% of the actual retail price. Users do have to pay the closing auction price and shipping costs but auctions will be risk-free to bid on and savings will be 75-99% off retail, guaranteed. “We decided to give our users a late Christmas present this year,” said Beezid CEO Max Bohbot. “By giving users the opportunity to get all their bids back for an entire day, we expect more winners than ever at” When asked about the greater than ever savings Bohbot said, “Beezid users expect innovation and savings from us as an industry leader and we're happy to oblige by cranking both up another notch for Beezid's Holiday Blast. 

A guaranteed savings of 75-99% off retail is a perfect way to do it.” With so many users walking away with tons of brand name items for pennies on the dollar at Beezid's Birthday Bash and Black Friday Bonanza, Beezid has decided to do it all over again, with even more savings. “We realize that December 29th isn't considered a significant date so we're starting our own Holiday.” Bohbot continued, “Beezid's Holiday Blast will be a date circled on all of our users calendars.” Everyone loves getting their bids back all day long but perhaps even more exciting is the fact that users are guaranteed to spend no more than 25% of the retail price on auctions. That's a guaranteed savings of between 75% and 99% off retail, all day long. Visit for all the info and some incredible offers to help you maximize your savings. Those who have never tried Beezid before should not miss out on this special event. Registration is quick and easy and new users will receive ten free bids with no obligation. About – is a top rated penny auction website which offers a thrilling spin on online auction shopping. Users take advantage of huge discounts on brand new, brand name products by forming bidding strategies and by using bonuses and incentives offered by Beezid. 

Launched in 2009, is one of the biggest, most frequently visited and most-trusted sites of its kind world-wide. 

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