Live Agents or Live Robots?
Another thing you'll notice is if you haven't purchased any Bid Packs yet and you try to close the page. Instead of simply letting you close the page, they prompt you to talk to a "Live Agent" about last minute savings. No matter what you want to do, you're forced to press OK to go to a second prompt, where you can either stay on the page and chat with Rachel, the "Live Agent" or leave.

If you actually want to talk to Rachel, you'd find that she not really a "Live Agent", but more of a "Robot Agent" meant to sucker you into buying the Bids Pack. Here's an example from a discussion with new user George:

If these aren't reasons enough to stay away, and you think you still have a good shot at winning some auctions for cheap, here's a few tips for you...
Tips for Winning
  • Be committed. If you're not committed, there's nothing to stop you from leaving the auction and trying to bid on something else. In that case, you're just throwing money away.
  • Go into the auction prepared to pay at least the full retail price. If you're not and you lose the auction, you either threw money away or need to buy it for the full retail cost. If you think you have an excellent shot at winning the auction, than be prepared to pay no less than 75% of the retail cost. It's highly unlikely you'd save any more than 25% on the item.
  • Always wait until the last second to bid. Why bid when there's 20 seconds left when you can bid at 1 second? The idea is to not waste your bids and to keep the clock down as low as possible, that way there's less time for others to make bids.
  • Use the Bid-O-Matic—or better yet, don't. There is a Bid-O-Matic tool which does all your bidding for you, literally. But you should stay far, far away from this, unless you're trying to bully someone into submission. But if that's the case and it doesn't work, you've just lost all of your bids and potentially the auction.
  • Don't compete against Bid-O-Matic bidders. If you notice someone has lightning fast speed at topping your bid, then they're probably using this tool. Wait until you notice this user's winning bids to disappear, meaning they lost all their money and need to reset the tool.
  • Make sure the auction is a "penny" auction. Why pay 2, 5, 10 or 20 cents per bid when you can pay 1 cent?
  • There's plenty more tips available for winning on QuiBids, but my advice is to just stay away. If you can't help yourself, check out this article for more help on winning, or visit the QuiBids 101 blog. Also note that, surprisingly, the Better Business Bureau has giving the Oklahoma City QuiBids a rating of A-, so maybe it's not that bad.
If you do end up using QuiBids, be warned that it's highly addictive, because it's just like gambling. Think lottery tickets, slots, horse racing—it's all the same thing—gambling.