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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Penny Auction Site -

I came across a new penny auction site through PennyAuctionCoupon. Today only PAC is selling discounted bids for the new site WickedBidder. You can purchase 25 bids for only $5!!! This is a 73% discount on top of the discount that you may receive on Wicked Bidder's penny auctions. Just at first glance, I really enjoy the site. I love that their theme has the colors purple and black. It seems like every other online auction site is ripping off Quibid's blue and white theme. It is refreshing to see some different colors. The penny auction site offers so many unique auctions that I have never seen on any other site. For example, they auctioned a container of Red Vines!!! How crazy is that? It's cool though. Their timers are also a little different from other sites. If no one bids within the last 2 minutes the clock adds another minute. Thus the timers cycle between 1-2 minutes left in the auction if there are no bids. Bids can be purchased on WickedBidder for $0.70 - $0.75 each depending on the size of the bid package purchased.
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