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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Question of Questions

The most common question regarding penny auction sites is:

Are penny auctions a SCAM?


I have heard people argue that penny auctions are a scam because the companies make a lot of money on each product sold. However, isn't that what every company does? Is it a scam when you go to a restaurant, buy a Coke for $3.50 but the soda you drank only cost the restaurant $0.35? No. When you order that Coke you know the price you are going to pay and you know that there is a high mark up. This is the same in penny auctions.

If you are wary of a penny auction site, take 20 minutes and watch the auctions. If it seems that the site has auto bidder or bots, then don't use that site.

Penny auction sites are also not a scam because you receive your product. It would be a scam if you paid for the product but never received it. All sites do guarantee send the winning product as described. Most sites send their merchandise within 5-10 days.
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