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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Using eMaja - Much Easier Than I Thought

After my blog post a few days ago, I had to try eMaja for myself. By the looks of the 7 step directions it seemed that the website would be hard to use, but boy oh boy I was wrong. I watched the 3 minute explanation video on their site. It was clear and the directions are simple. At first when I read the directions, I thought I would have to take a nap. But after watching the video and making bids myself it is pretty easy.

Basically, once you bid on an item, everything you need to know about your account and your auctions are in your Auction Control page. On this page you can see the number of bids you have left, your point balance, and the amount of points in my point bank. I can place either a bid on the auction (1 point to score) or I can place a point (3 points to score). But each time I place a bid, I earn a point. So in layman terms, the more I bid, the more points I earn, and then the more I can bid again.

One other thing I learned about eMaja is that you can use your points to shop at the eMaja store. With your eMaja points you can purchase straight up gift cards, movies, ipods, you name it!

 Currently, I'm bidding on a Kodak 12 Mega Pixel Camera. The auction has 3 days left and is listed at $0.15. The camera is selling on for $80.07. 
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