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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beginner Auction on

I love to recommend beginner auctions to anyone new to penny auctions or new to a specific penny auction site. Several penny auction websites have adapted the "Beginner" auction. I myself first saw it on Beginner auctions are great because you, a new user to the site, only are competing against other beginners. On Quibids, most of the beginner auctions are lower ticketed items ($25 gift card, Blu-Ray Discs, Bid Packs). Thus, usually you do not need to spend as many bids and as much money on your item. 

Quibids explains their beginner auctions in the FAQ portion of their site. Below is Quibid's description:

What is a Beginner Auction?

QuiBids created Beginner Auctions to offer our new users the opportunity to get their first win while becoming comfortable with the bidding process.  If a user is currently the winning bidder of a beginner auction, they will not be able to place any bids in other beginner auctions.  Once a user has won a Beginner Auction, they will no longer be eligible to participate in Beginner Auctions.

As stated above, beginner auctions are only available to new users. On Quibids, you can only win one beginner auction. Once you have won an auction on you are no longer considered a beginner. You then are expected to bid on all other auctions. 
Visit for further information.

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