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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Chill Auctions at is adding to their exciting list of auctions, Chiller Auctions. Chiller Auctions are only open to users that haven't won a single auction valued over $450. These auctions are great for the penny auction newbies or just those who haven't taken the plunge on high ticket items like laptops, tvs, ipads and more. 

I love this new addition to BidFire. I've never seen it done on any other penny auction website. I'm a big fan of the beginner auctions offered on other sites. However, usually a beginner auction only sells a dvd or a $25 gift card. This Chiller Auctions are really pun intended.  

To visit BidFire click HERE

Below is what BidFire posted on the blog regarding Chiller Auctions:

What is a Chiller Auction?
We've created a new type of auction just for our users that don't want to go against the big guys! When you bid on a Chiller Auction, you'll have the comfort knowing that the you have entered "The Chill Zone" and won't be going against our Hot & Heavy hitters. These auctions will "Freeze" out some of the competition. Anyone who has won a single auction valued over $450 MSRP will not be able to participate in Chiller Auctions.
Chiller Auctions have a Snowflake icon on the bottom right of the auction & are outlined in Blue when looking on the auction grid.
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