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Saturday, February 19, 2011

BidPigs Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday BidPigs!!! is turning 1 year old!! Read all about the BidPigs Birthday celebration plans, including the grand opening of a new site!!
We can hardly believe that this little piggy has been squealing away for a year now. We would like to take this time to thank all of our valued customers and welcome all the ones that we will see in the time ahead. It hasn't been anywhere near as easy as we thought that it would, but we are very proud of the fact that we are still here and have fulfilled shipment on every single auction won! Our users have really enjoyed some spigtacular deals!!
In our research of all the penny auction rankings, scores, information and reviews we are very pleased to see NONE that have anything bad to say about our shipments, customer service or our site functions. Having said that, we have seen several posts that give less than excellent marks for product value and diversity. Don't worry, we hear you!!
We have tried very hard to make sure that we don't do like a rock star and burn out! Anyone can start a site, throw up thousands of dollars of eye popping product and then run off with your hard earned money. That's not our mission.
BidPigs Penny Auctions, and RabideagleEnterprises are here to stay! We are expanding our auctions and our services, so please keep hoggin around with us! will be offering an increasing dollar value of auctions as we slop ahead. We have also tweaked our win limits, swap policy, coupon offerings, bonus bids and more!!
Ok, enough of that, what are we doing for the anniversay?
On February 18 2011 we will again be participating in a pennyauctioncoupon promotion. This time its 50 bids for only $6.00!!! The offer is only for 24 hours so don't waste time, get over to PAC Friday!
Sautrday night at 7:01pm EST, as BidPigs officially celebrates the one year anniversary of our first live auction ending we will have kick off completely free bidding, 100% off promo auctions for $5.00 Amazon Cards and 5 bid Bidpacks! These auctions are 100% free! Just accept your win and we'll do the rest. These promo auctions are limited to one win per user to spread the joy!
Then, starting to end at 11pm EST we will feature a $50.00 Amazon ecard auction! There will be no bid fee, no final price, no shipping, NO NOTHIN, just a $50 thank you for using our site!! Bid all night if you like!! Let's see who can make the biggest hog of themselves!
That's not all! Sunday will bring more good news...... RabideagleEnterprises is launching a new site! That's right!  
Introducing!!  HogitUp is a unique twist on the penny auction platform that we have been playing with for quite some time. As you know, BidPigs has featured FreeBid Friday for many months and reviews have been outstanding! Who doesn't want to be a powerbidder without the fear of losing the house? Well, at HogitUp, that's all we have. FREE BIDDING!! No per bid fees, ever!!
Stop by and read the how it works and Terms to learn more! We will be moving all of the FreeBid operations to this fun site. will feature live auctions from Friday through Sunday of each week.
Live Regular auctions will then run on BidPigs from Monday thru Thursday.
Everything about HogitUp will run according to standard penny auction rules, but the bids are all free! Some auctions at HogitUp will be available to every customer with free bidding, some auctions will be subscription based. That means that a user purchases a subscription to play at the site as much as they want! Bid on one item, or every single one! Go ahead, HOGITUP!!
With subscription fees as low as $5 for a whole week, everyone can afford to play at Where else can you spend $5.00 and get unlimited bids for a week? does offer a COUPON option which will allow users to redeem coupons that we will place in various locations for free bids. These bids can then be used to bid on ANY of the HogitUp auctions!
As part of our anniversary celebration, ALL NEW MEMBERS who register at and use the coupon code BDAYHOG will get 200 bids to be used on any of the subscription based auctions for this week-end only!! These bids will expire on Monday morning so use em up!! Hurry, this offer ends soon!! Register, log in and visit your profile to redeem your coupon code!
Our intention is to tie these two sites together, so expect to see BidPigs bidpacks at HogitUp and HogitUp Coupons in the BidPigs reward points store!
We aren't done yet!! Monday the celebration continues back at Slop on by as we auction off over $550.00 worth of products in one day!! This is the biggest single day offering in the history of BidPigs! We will be offering $50 giftcards, a Nook book reader, BlueRay Player, HD Video Cam, and more!
Don't forget that BidPigs offers a swap option for PayPal cash, Amazon e-card and BidPigs bids on most regular auctions! You can also check out our new Giftcard SWAP list to exchange any giftcard won for one of equal value with no fees!! Bid on anything you see and swap it into what you want!!

Thanks again for helping BidPigs reach this milestone!! 
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