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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Coupons - Coupon Codes

Save Money!!! An even greater way to save on penny auction sites is by using coupons. Below I have listed some coupon codes. Feel free to share codes that I may have missed.

Click on the site links and enter the coupon codes to receive the discounts below.

Site: Quibids
Coupon: 10 free bids
Coupon Code: winbig

Site: oohilove
Coupon: 5% discount

Site: BidsTick
Coupon: 5% discount
Coupon Code: 5percentoff2010

Site: MadBid
Coupon: 5 free bids
Coupon Code: madtv3

Site: YuzzIt
Coupon: 20%
Coupon Code: friends

Site: BidsOMax
Coupon: Refer a friend and earn 5% commission on bids purchased by that person for life
*Visit to refer a friend

Site: Bidash
Coupon: 5 free bids if register through
Coupon Code: facebook5
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