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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Twice as Lucky on 7th Bid

As an avid penny auction fan, I love to try new penny auction sites. I came across an amazing penny auction site called and purchased discounted bids at Penny Auction Coupon. I have heard nothing but good things about this website and had to try it for myself. Let me tell you, I tried it and loved it! Since I was new to the site, I started small and bid on a gift card. The site was easy to use and fun.

Now let me tell you how you can get twice as lucky on 7thBid. The number 7 is a lucky number at 7thBid. At 7thBid, every 7th bid bundle that is purchased is free. Yes, free!!! Every bid package order that is received by the 7thBid system is entered into a database. Every 7th order is fully refunded to the 7th customer via PayPal. This luck does not end on just the 7th bid bundle purchased but is continuous. Not only can you get a thrill through 7thBid's penny auctions, but you can also get a rush just buying bid bundles and hoping to be the 7th person to purchase a bid pack. 

If you want to try 7thBid for yourself you can use the coupon code: GIMME10. This coupon code is worth 10% extra bids when you order a bid bundle. Just enter GIMME10 in the message line on your PayPal payment and 7thBid will add 10% extra bids.
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