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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Penny Auction Coupon - Deal or No Deal

At Penny Auction Coupon you can buy bid packages for penny auction sites at a discounted price. Every day Penny Auction Coupon (PAC) hosts a different penny auction site. PAC will sell bid bundles for that site only for a 24 hour period. Usually they will sell bid bundles of 25 bids for $5 or 30 bids for $7. The discount on bids are usually around 75% off!!!! If you combine the discount you receive on bids plus the discount you receive on the penny auction sites itself the savings are unreal.

How does PAC offer such great prices? Well, Penny Auction Coupon isn't the one giving customers great deals, its actually the penny auction companies. For example, lets say a company is selling 25 bids for $5 on PAC. The penny auction company really is selling 25 bids for $5. However, the penny auction company doesn't even make $5 off of the bids. PAC takes a $2 commission for each bid bundle sold, so the penny auction company really only makes $3 off each bid package sold. 

But why would a penny auction company want to sell bids for so cheap? New customers! As the competition grows in the penny auction industry, new and existing sites are fighting hard for new customers. They hope that if you try their site, you will come back. This is a very good assumption. 

Penny Auction Coupon is in fact a deal. It is a good deal for penny auction companies as it brings the sites new customers. It is also a good deal for customers as they get great deals on bid bundles.

For more deals you can also visit  Penny Auction Promo (PAP). Penny Auction Promo is owned by the same people that run PAC. It also runs in a similar fashion only instead of buying 25 bids for $5 most of the offers are "buy one bid pack, get one free". 
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