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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Swoopo is Out of Business

Swoopo is out of business!!! Wow! Swoopo was believed to be the first penny auction site in the US. It was a favorite among some but most people did not like Swoopo. The site was known for using unethical operations. Most people thought Swoopo was a scam. However, I'm still surprised that they are out of business just because they were one of the original pioneers in the penny auction industry and they were such a big site. 

One interesting thing is that if you go to the Swoopo Website, the site just states:

Due to technical issues, Swoopo is currently not available.

We're working as hard as possible to restore the service.

When the site is working again, we will add ten minutes to the countdown of live auctions, to allow all bidders the chance to get back on-line and start bidding. Please check back regularly.

We're sorry that you're not able to bid at the moment, but we will be back soon.

Your Swoopo team

The statement that Swoopo provides is misleading. It seems as if Swoopo is just temporarily down. However, if you visit the Swoopo Analytics site it states:

Attention: As for March 25th, 2011 has gone out of business.


If you were using Swoopo Analytics, the site refers you to use their sister site, Beezid Pro. All Swoopo Analytics customers are now transfered over to Beezid Pro. If you would like to discontinue your account with Swoopo Analytics / Beezid Pro you can email

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