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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fezaz is a Penny Auction Scam

I love penny auctions and I support several penny auction sites. I don't like to say that penny auctions are scams. Most penny auction sites and their owners are honest and good people. However, I do from time to time run across dishonest penny auction sites that don't send their products, use bots, sell rip-off merchandise and so on. I hate to say it, but Fezaz fits in the scam category.

The owner contacted me 3 months ago asking to advertise on my blog. We worked out an agreement and he said that he mailed me a check. After 3 weeks of not receiving the check, I emailed him again and he said he just sent another one and he sent another months payment with it. After waiting an additional 3 weeks and receiving neither check, I sent him multiple emails inquiring about my payment. I have not received a reply in 5 weeks.

My thoughts are this: If Fezaz is so cheap and dishonest to people that they have made a business agreement with, they must also be dishonest to their customers. I recommend not shopping on Fezaz or shopping great CAUTION. The company lied to me and they easily could be lying to you. Penny auction sites such as Fezaz that are not legit, tend to go out of business very quickly. It doesn't take too long for customers to see that the site is dishonest. I recommend not purchasing bids from Fezaz as they could close their doors any day and run away with your money.

Penny auction sites that I would recommend are: Quibids, Bid66, SavvyBidding, UltimatePennyBid, OrangeBidz, BidsOMax, and HappyBidDay.

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