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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Coupon Codes for HappyBidDay

The penny auction site just sent out some new coupon codes to their active customers. For those that did not receive this email or that are not currently registered at below is the coupon information:
30% OFF 100 Bid Pack Bonus Offer Code: 30PERCENT

40% OFF 200 Bid Pack Bonus Offer Code: 40PERCENT

50% OFF 300 Bid Pack Bonus Offer Code: 50PERCENT

These coupons expire on Friday May 6th. For those who are currently not registered at HappyBidDay, if you register now you will receive 50 free bids!!!! You can also take advantage of HappyBidDay's "Raining Free Bids" promotions. The Raining Free Bids promotion gives users an opportunity to earn hundreds of free bids. With 50 free bids at sign up, the Raining Free Bids Promotion, and the coupon codes above, what do you have to lose at Try it today!
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