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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UltimatePennyBid will be on PennyAuctionCoupon Tomorrow

The wait is almost over, will be featured on PennyAuctionCoupon tomorrow! On PennyAuctionCoupon you will be able to buy 25 bids for just $6 and redeem those bids at UltimatePennyBid. A bid pack of 25 bids at UltimatePennyBid is normally sold for $22.25. The discount offered at PAC is almost 75% off the normal price. Make sure and buy your bids tomorrow on PennyAuctionCoupon because this deal only lasts 24 hours.

About UltimatePennyBid:
UltimatePennyBid is a penny auction site known for their great brand new products, tremendous deals and terrific customer support staff. UltimatePennyBid has live customer support M-F at the phone number 1-888-996-5353 and you can reach them through email at The site specializes in gift card and electronics sales. 

For more information visit!

For more information on Penny Auction Coupon visit my blog post featuring Penny Auction Coupon!

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