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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wavee Site is Down - Customers Conserned Wavee is a Scam

The Wavee site is down due to "technical issues".  If you visit you will see the below message to their customers:

Wavee Customers,

Unfortunately, Wavee is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to restore service.

We are continuing to ship normally during this disruption. If you have additional shipping questions, you may contact us here. We will post any information regarding the outage here on the website as it becomes known. We appreciate your patience.

The Wavee Team

Personally, I have seen over 20 penny auctions sites close their doors due to "technical issues," claiming that they will open soon, but these sites never return. The Wavee team states that they will be shipping won products. However, there are numerous customers reporting that they are not receiving the products that they won on this penny auction site. This is just too bad. 

I frankly don't believe that Wavee's site is down due to computer issues. I think it is because they had 442 complaints filed in the recent 3 years with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is warning customers and potential customers to not play and shop on Better Business Bureau complains are from numerous states including: New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, California and Hawaii. 

The reasons for customer complaints varies but the most common complaint involves technical issues. Wavee's penny auction site will shut down while people are bidding on an auction. When the site crashes, the winning customer does not receive the product they were bidding on and also loses bids. 

There has also been occurrences where customers have had unauthorized charges on their credit cards. Testimonials against Wavee including an story about unautthorized credit card use can be found on SiteJabber. Most customers on SiteJabber believe that Wavee is a big scam. 

The Better Business Bureau warns customers to read a website's terms and conditions before participating and giving money to the site. Also, review the Better Business Bureau's rating of the site. In this case, the Better Business Bureau rated Wavee and "F". A rating of an F is the worst score any company can have. There are penny auction sites that have good ratings. Below are some Better Business Ratings for popular penny auction sites on a scale of A+ to F:

Quibids: A-
Bid66: A-
BidRivals: A-
BidPigs: A-
BidFire: F

So what's next for Wavee? Will Wavee have a lawsuit just like the Quibids Lawsuit
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